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1/77 Box Scale Atlantis Revell F-89D

May 17, 2022 · in Aviation · · 22 · 1.3K

Here is a quickie of my recent build of an release of the old Box Scale F-89D complete with 1960s instructions, raised lettering and national insignia as well as generic paint scheme based on Insignia Red.

I didn't bother with the sad looking landing gear and posed it in flight with the kit stand instead. I used a combo of Model Master Acrylic Insignia Red oversprayed with Tamiya Glossy Red because it looked too dark for the Red. Vallejo Metal Colors Aluminum, White Aluminum and Duraluminum were the Metallic shades sprayed over several polished coats of Badger Black Stynylrez acrylic primer. The paint scheme required a lot of masking.

The decals don't exactly go over the raised lettering and I had to cut the decals into pieces so they would mostly cover the raised letters. Not bad for a Mark One eyeball designed kit (no CAD at all.)

I added some small steel weights in the nose to keep it down on the stand as it is a bit of a tail sitter.

It wasn't an easy build, but it was a fun build.

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  1. Excellent result out of this old mold, Dan!
    Looks really great in flying position!

  2. Good for you. Bringing an antique kit forward and have it looking great when completed. Fine job, Dan.

  3. Great result, Dan @dbdlee
    Having fun in modelling is a very important aspect and it clearly seems you had that with this oldie.

  4. Love it. Thanks for showing it.

  5. I remember building this kit and then winning First Place in the first model show I ever went to, when the guy who owned the local hobby shop decided to create a "modeling club" for us kids.

    My result was far from being anywhere close to your very excellent result.

  6. Very good, love it!

  7. Brings back a lot of memories…

  8. Great looking Scorpion Dan, I remember once seeing the Revell 'twin pack' release which included the 1/77th F-89 and a B-58 Hustler in something like 1/95th scale.
    Nice work with the decals, and a cool looking display stand.

    • I thought the decals would line up with the raised detail. I am spoiled building kits designed using CAD software and forgot that in the early 60s it was based on hand drawn plans and paper/wood forms so things don't always line up. I was almost annoyed till I remembered that.

      These kits are fun value or value fun.

  9. Nice work Dan.
    This was one of the first models I ever built, way back in Belgium during the Stone Age ! Some plane too with the rocket pods on the wing tips.

  10. Nice to see these ancient kits come to life! Looks great.

  11. Ditto the sentiments above, Nice one!

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