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Northrop F-89 Scorpion

Revell 1/48 F-89J Scorpion

The origins of the F-89 (the name Scorpion came from the elevated tail and high-mounted horizontal stabilizers) can be traced back in summer 1945, when USAAF issued a specification for a twin engine night fighter to replace the P-61 Black [...]

Review: Before you build the 1/35th AFV FV101 Scorpion, watch this!


1/77 Box Scale Atlantis Revell F-89D

Here is a quickie of my recent build of an Atlantis release of the old Revell Box Scale F-89D Scorpion complete with 1960s instructions, raised lettering and national insignia as well as generic paint scheme based on Insignia Red. I didn't [...]

AFV 1/35th FV101 ScorpionPt. 3 and Reveal

Apologies for the delay in the upload, i kinda derped a bit, but here is the new video, a day late, but better late than never! (link)

AFV Club 1/35th FV101 ScorpionMission Complete

The video was supposed to follow at 1500 GMT today, but i goofed and accidentally put in a bit of classical music that still had a copyright on, so ive had to re edit and re upload, which means it probably wont be uploaded in time for its [...]

Halloween Special1/35th FV101 Build Pt.2

Part 2 of the AFV Scorpion build, this time, I'm covering priming, bleaching, airbrushing, post shading and gloss coats (link)

AFV Club 1/35th FV101 ScorpionBuild Pt. 1

Part one of the FV101 commission, this time focusing on the build. (link)

Three Me 262s: Finale

I am a member of the Warbirds Aviation Modelling Group (Melbourne, Australia: (link)). Each year we have two club competitions, "Gunna Build" and "Build a “Build a B#%@#$". The "Gunna Build" is an open build [...]

1/72 IDEA F-89D Scorpion

This is a boxing by a company named IDEA, but it is essentially the Academy kit, I think, as I do not have the academy kit, but the sprues are the same as photos on the net of the Academy kit. Quite good fitting parts, but I decided to [...]

1/35 scale KAD FV-101 Scorpion (Malaysian version)

This is the FV-101 scorpion which is used by the Malaysian Armoured Corps till to this day. This version of the FV-101 is heavily modernized with certain modifications to the major components. The kit used to build this model is the AFV [...]