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1/48 Revell F-89J converted to a F-89H

Hey all, Finished this one yesterday. This kit has a long history with me. Originally completed some years ago but never liked the finish. In the last few months in between other projects I decided to redo the kit. The kit was stripped [...]

Revell 1/48 F-89D Scorpion

Just completed my F-89D, one of my favorite planes. This particular plane ended up in the drink after having an engine fail on takeoff. The pilot brought it back around and landed hot and heavy and was unable to get it stopped and overran [...]

F-89D Scorpion in the paint shop!

I've had this D sitting on the shelf ready for paint for a while waiting to finish my C version. Just got the urge to get it done. I took photos of the steps I use when doing a natural metal bird. This kit lends itself well to metalizer [...]

1/72, F-89 Scorpion, Revell

I found this model in my stash of old models in my parents attic, and was pleasantly surprised. As a straight from the box production, it has real "class." Right from the Cold War days of flying shot guns, the Scorpion was [...]