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1/48th HobbyBoss P51 Mustang Build - Part 1 - Assembly

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  1. Looking great so far, Tam!

  2. The best thing to do with the Hobby Loss P-51 is stick it back in the box, tape the box shut, and use it as a door stop. No matter how much skill, talent, perseverance, and pig-headed unwillingness to give up you bring to the project, it's still going to be a POS at the end, because that is it's essential nature.

  3. Two equally valid sides here. Ultimately we all build for pleasure. So all modelers share a common goal.

  4. I’ve got two comments to make. First, Tam, if that’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve ever read then you must be a bit short of reading material. Second, you’re not allowed to disagree with Tom Cleaver, he’ll just mute you (ask me how I know). Good luck with the build by the way.

  5. No need to cry about it, just joking around.

  6. To Everyone:
    Lighten up Francis

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