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Meng 1/35 Merkava 4M and 4LIC

August 12, 2022 · in Armor · · 8 · 1.2K

Similar to the German Tiger tank model, I cannot resist the temptation to build yet, another tank model.

's excellent Merkava 4 model appeared in two variants presented here. The 4M with the Trophy active protection system and the LIC version with a mine sweeping roller.

If you study photographs portraying the Merkava in the IDF service, you would notice the variations in the basic IDF camouflage color. There are many factors affecting the final appearance of the tanks other than the differences in the paint itself. I usually do my own mix.

While I am not an armor expert, I can offer some guidelines to prevent the creeping frustration feeling once the model is completed.

  1. Gray primer is crucial prior to the application of the camouflage paint. Particularly, if the plastic is yellow orange.

  2. The tanks in the IDF museum have bleached colors.

  3. Avoid weathering extensively the models. While weathering enhances the 3D effect tremendously, Israel is mostly dry and is dusty where the tanks operate. Moreover, the tanks are constantly maintained and you will not see chipping or rust other than the tracks.

  4. If you add too much dust effects like in real life, your model will look like a tank blob.

  5. Build as many Merkava models as you can.

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  1. Nice work on this. The Merkava is an interesting vehicle.

  2. A wonderful Merkava, Rafi!
    Thanks for the guidelines.

  3. That is the strangest-looking tank. Your models look great however.

  4. Both your Merkava's do look great, Rafi @blackmopane
    Well done.

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