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IDF Merkava Mk.IV (1/72)

This is one of my first finished projects in 1/72nd scale. For this project i've used the HobbyBoss Merkava Mk.IV (82915). A nice kit with good details. I removed the fan and exhaust grills and changed them through PE grills. I also [...]

1/35 Tamiya Merkava Mk.I

Getting back into armor kits, here is the old Tamiya Merkava straight out of the box with stowage from the spares bin and an orange tissue paper identification tarp. Painted with a rattle can and weathered with chalk pastels and Vallejo [...]

Meng 1/35 Merkava 4M and 4LIC

Similar to the German Tiger tank model, I cannot resist the temptation to build yet, another Merkava tank model. Meng's excellent Merkava 4 model appeared in two variants presented here. The 4M with the Trophy active protection system and [...]


I have assembled Takom's Merkava Mk.2D. Compared to their previous products, this kit is much easier to assemble, and I think it has become a good kit. There were no difficulties in assembling the parts, except that the parting lines and [...]

Merkava mk1 hybrid

A merkava. Many years ago I built the Tamiya Merkava and lost it. Some time ago I found an offer for this model made by Takom and decided to buy it to assemble it when there was time. This specific tank model is one of the ones that I find [...]

Merkava Mk.1

Merkava Mk.1 Hybrid. חטיבה 7 גדוד 75 פלוגה 3 Машина 3 роты 75 батальона 7 дивизии Цахала.

Takom, IDF, Merkava 2b in 1/35

Hi guys, this is my IDF, Merkava 2B in 1/35 by Takom. built almost straight out of the box. colors and weathering effects by Ammo-mig (most), Tamiya, AK. An excellent model with very close to perfect parts fit. Have a great weekend [...]

IDF Merkava II 1/35 Academy

IDF Merkava II - 1/35 from Academy Models


I decided to try my hand at something different so I got myself a 1/35 tank. I couldn't believe it when I opened the box, 1000 parts! I've added metal tracks and some wires and aerials, otherwise it's out of the box. Hope you like it.

Meng, 1/35, Merkava 3d

Hi guys, This is my IDF Mekava 3d in 1/35 scale. It's an excellent Meng kit, almost straight out of the box. Colors and weathering effects by Ammo-Mig. Thanks and have a great weekend!