Tamiya, 1:48 Scale, P-47D "Thunderbolt"

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Calling this one, DONE!
1:48 scale, P-47D "".
Fantastic kit, much has already been written so I won't go there. I loved build this kit and there are more to come!
For this build, I used Tamiya Acrylics, Flory Washes, A-K Weathering pencils, Stretched sprue antenna, True Details resin wheels, Aeromaster Decals, and paper belts.
Markings are for Col. Francis S. 'Gabby' Gabreski, 61st FS, 56th FG, 8 USAAF, Halesworth, Great Britain, March 1944.

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  1. Looks great, Frederick (@fjs3). Painting and weathering look perfect. Well done.

  2. Amazing job, Frederick!

  3. Great build, Frederick @fjs3
    Paint and weathering is indeed amazing.
    Well done.

  4. Great build and super result.

    One minor point many of us are not aware of: P-47s painted at the factory had the flaps painted overall before they were installed. I learned this because the guy who was in charge of the 78th FG's summer 1944 repaint of their NMF P-47s told me when I interviewed him for "Aces of the 78th FG" that you could tell the "field painted" airplanes because the flaps were raised, so when they were dropped the leading edge was aluminum. An easy "fix" if you care to take the time, but good knowledge to have for the future builds.

    • Thats are really good piece of information Tom, @tcinla. I built mine and left my flap leading edge silver also. Mine was a field painte bird since it was a later war 56th FG, in their more colorful schemes. Thank you for sharing that info.

    • Yeah,
      Agreed Tom. Many of these are portrayed with the aluminium on the leading edge of the flaps. Probably not going to get into all the masking and what not involved, had enough fun with that already, 'Fixing things...'

  5. Nice work, Frederick. It’s good to see one of Gabreski’s planes other then the gray/green bubble tops.

  6. Classic build of a classic kit.

  7. Like the fore to aft streaking on the wings. Preshading or post shading?
    Gators got another one down there.

    • Hey Bill, Thanks!
      No pre or post shading with this. Light coat of black, followed by successive coats of progressively lighter shades of the base color.. I targeted a couple panels with some extra lightened OD, but very little of that. I left the finish somewhat shiny because the 56th FG was known for polishing their aircraft. The 78th FG also did that IIRC.

      As far as gators go, if you swim in fresh water ponds that are a known habitat for said gators...ya kind of get what ya asked for... Play stupid games, win stupid prizes as the saying goes.. From what I read here, was that the gator was known to be in the lake. Whether this guy knew or not is open to debate. Either way, any natural waterway has the potential to harbor a 'Water Lizard" so you need to be careful. If you really to go for a swim, find a pool! Even that's not a guarantee, but at least you'll see the SOB before you go in!
      I hear Bayshore Hobbies has expanded? I'll be up in New York in September sometime if you want to go and check the place out...if you haven't already...Grand kid number six is due!

      • Yes it has, the place looks great, we'll see for how long. 🙂 Looks like Andy's Hobby HQ!
        Yeah let me know when you're here, give you a tour.
        Congrats on #6!

  8. Nice looking Jug in a classic scheme - well done!

  9. Nice work on that Jug! The razorback really makes that big plane look even bigger. It really turned out nice.

  10. Looks amazing! Thanks for sharing. I've heard great things about the Tamiya p-47 but have yet to build one myself. Seeing yours makes me want to take the plunge. First rate result- you knocked it out of the park!

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