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Trumpeter 1/32 SBD-1/2 Dauntless, kit # 02241

August 5, 2022 · in Aviation · · 19 · 1K

I started this Model on 4 June, 2022, the 80th anniversary of the battle of Midway. The kit offers two sets of markings, one for a pre-war -1 of VMB-2 (Marine Bombing 2) and SBD-2 of VMSB-241. (Marine Scout Bombing 241). The model represents an SBD-2 as flown by Major Lofton Henderson on 4 June 1942 based on Midway Island. He was killed during his diving run on Hiryu and listed as MIA until 1943.

I stepped out of my comfort zone on this one with washes, weathering, oil staining, chipping, masks and shading. Lessons learned will be applied on the next USN Carrier Aircraft Project. I enjoyed the build, and typically, I like the airplane; what's not to like about a . It has nice lines, was a great airplane at the right time. The evolution of the Dauntless is a neat bit of history as well as it almost didn't exist. I like the national marking masks; they are a bit fiddly but yield nice results and in the end gives the modeler a nice looking national insignia.

The engine is bone stock save for brass wire used for the spark plug leads. I painted the cylinders Alclad Aluminum and then highlighted with Tamiya Black Panel Line Paint.

Paints on the aircraft were Mr. Hobby Intermediate blue using Mr. Hobby leveling thinner and a mix of Tamiya grey and white for the underside Light Grey. After the initial coat of intermediate blue was painted, I tried to "evenly" paint white in between the panels, but I couldn't seem to keep a steady finger pressure on the airbrush trigger, coupled with a very humid summer to date, I encountered a lot of water spritzing, so I gave up and went over it with a mist of Intermediate blue to tone it down. The cowling turned out the best, but there isn't a lot of area to paint either. For the chipping I used a brush and good old Testors Silver enamel. It's nice because I had a Q-tip handy that had been dipped in terpenoid to correct any areas or remove the paint from areas I didn't like.

The rubber tires are the kits. I went over them with a 600-grit sanding stick laden with a lot of sanding dust, and weathered the tires accordingly. Overall, I like the way it turned out. I am fairly pleased with the weathering and will certainly give another one a go.

I gotta tell ya, I'm really enjoying these 1/32nd war birds.

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  1. You really knocked this one out of the park! Stunning result. Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you David for looking in and your comment. Much appreciated. It was a fun build, no major issues, if you have the space, I'd highly recommend it.

  3. Nice work and a good result.

    One minor point about SBDs for the next time you do one: The upper dive flap stays down unless you are actually diving on a target. The lower dive brakes act as flaps.

    • I should have read your blog first. I can still change them, I think. Thanks for looking in and your comment. Much appreciated. Corrections made. just a quick pic. Thanks for pointing it out.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  4. Great work on the jumbo SBD!

  5. Thanks John. I appreciate the comment.

  6. Super build. Looks like the real thing to me. I enjoy the 1:32 war birds as well, only issue is shelf space.

  7. Wonderful build and finish. Very realistic in appearance.

  8. Really beautiful, Mark @mkrumrey
    Stepping out of your comfort zone went succesfully.
    Great painting and detailing.

  9. Amazing result, Mark! Wonderful painting and weathering!

  10. Well done, Mark. Nice work on the paint and weathering and I like the box top opening pic.

  11. Add my well done to the list, Mark (@mkrumrey). Large kits have tons of details that are tough to get right, but you have certainly pulled everything into a great model.

  12. Thank you John, Spiros, Gary and George: Your comments are much appreciated and helpful. Thanks for taking the time to look in and leave a comment.

  13. You did a really nice job on this, I like it a lot. I also enjoy 1/32, but there is the space issue. An SBD is on my list.

    • Thank you Greg: It's a nice kit. Fit is good, very little flash and looks pretty darned neat when done. Thanks for looking in and your comment. I'd move that SBD to the top of your list.

  14. Very nice! I like the Dauntless a lot, and you did a great job on this one.

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