1/48th HobbyBoss P51 Mustang Build - Part 3 - Decals

September 13, 2022 · in Aviation · · 5 · 0.9K

Its been a while since i did any work on the P51, so here is part three of the build.

youtu.be/4akJ4y0d6fA ยท on youtube
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  1. Nice job allover, Tam!

  2. Very good work, and I like the choice of scheme. The weathering is excellent. - Only one small point. NEVER trust HB's guides. I have a wartime photo of "Missouri Armada" and she did not have the DF Loop fitted behind the aerial mast. A simple fix. I like HB's kits, but I always do extra research on their marking and equipments fits. (Their FW190D/Ta 152 family have minor flaws (Mainly the Propellers and in the case of the 152's the Cowling/Radiators (Both fixable thanks to Quickboost!) but they give you really bland marking options options!

    (BTW I have the HB 1/32 P-61B Black Widow, and they give you totally incorrect serials and Stars and bars for that, the artwork is the wrong colours and it is neither a P-61A or a B model, despite being advertised as a B model on the box. And the walkways are far too "Chunky!)

    2 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  3. Very good so far. Look forward to the finished model.

  4. Nice work on this. Good paintwork, good decal work, nice finish. All the stuff you were in control of done well.

    It's reassuring that the kit (not you) demonstrates that the Trumpeter Industrial Complex believes in consistency: when they get it wrong in the initial release, they manage to consistently bake in those fakaktes in each following release regardless of scale. Which is what comes from upsizing and downsizing the same set of plans.

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