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September 16, 2022 · in Automotive · · 20 · 0.9K

Yes, folks, it's another scale motorcycle kit, this time, to give it its full name, it's the CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade SP, one of Tamiya's more recent offerings.
Here's an excerpt from the instructions giving the history of the bike:

Honda have always placed great importance in competition and the Fireblade is no exception, being used in various classes based on production bikes, including road racing.
One of their most successful road racers is Englishman John McGuinness, (not to be confused with a certain Northern Irish politician of the same name), generally acknowledged as being second only to the late great Joey Dunlop, and highly rated by a certain Valentino Rossi. Here's a little about John's racing history:

There is much speculation about his rumoured retirement after his entry in this year's Isle of Man TT races.

Onto the kit, like most of Tamiya's recent kits you are assured of success if you follow the instructions carefully.
Tamiya offer two colour schemes, I chose the traditional Honda colours over the all black one
Here are a few more pictures of the finished model:

I used the Tamiya Front Fork Detail Up kit, but the picture has not uploaded. They did on the third attempt.

The paints are all Tamiya spray cans as per the call outs in the instructions.

And lastly here's my QA team giving her nod of approval.
Most of the pictures downloaded successfully, although a couple were not transferred. Martin @martin @techsupport, most of the pictures were taken on my Sony camera then transferred to my iPhone.
That's about it, thanks for looking, any questions please ask, happy modelling.
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  1. Yet another wonderfully made model, George! Always great to see a Fireblade: I recall the unforgettable sight of the first 900RR back in 1992.

  2. Thanks, Spiros @fiveten, I know that Hondas are not popular amongst some of the motorcycle community, not really sure why.

  3. Great work George. As a young man I owned a number of Honda's and they are as good as any other make. I still have a 1983 Honda 1100f in my garage waiting for restoration. Their racing pedigree is sublime and their quality cannot be faulted. Great to see another quality bike from your production line George.

  4. Thanks very much, Rory @rory, I owned a couple of small Honda’s in my teens, great little bikes.

  5. That is a beauty George. A pleasure to look at..

  6. Excellent result on this Fireblade, George @chinesegeorge
    Your skills are really amazing on those little bikes.
    In the Netherlands you see Hondas quite often as well, never did own one myself though.

    • Thanks, John @johnb, Hondas of all kinds are very common here in China as well, there are lots of fakes too, some are spelt HDNDA... in fact here’s a picture of one I saw this morning while I was out walking, I took the photo on my iPhone, in landscape format, edited it slightly, and it seems to have downloaded OK. Spiros @fiveten, you might appreciate this as well.

  7. Great job, George. Looks like it’s on display in a Honda showroom.

  8. Amazing work George , she looks like a real bike ,seriously...I've been a biker since age 16 so 40 years (oh ,where did the years go...) and I'm pretty sure Honda are as popular as ever ,you can't make even a short journey without seeing at least one here in the U.K. so don't worry they're not going away.

    • Cheers, Neil @neil-foster, I’ve got a few years on you, 72 this year, I’ve been a car and bike fan for as long as I can remember. I think I’m a little like the great George Best, when asked where his money had gone, he replied he had spent it on women, fast cars, and wine, the rest he had wasted! I’m not so keen on soccer though, he was a natural.

  9. Another great model George. If you posed it right you could convince me it was full-size.

  10. A real beauty, George!

  11. You’ve been busy!
    That’s actually my unlucky bike, the only bike I ever wrote off was a 2008 fireblade.
    Cracking job on the model.

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