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Honda cars and motorcycles

Honda NSR 500, Michael Doohan, 1998.

1/12 Tamiya, built 04-2017 to 12-2020, finished in enamels by Tamiya, MM and Humbrol, decals on with Future and help from Mark Softer.

Tamiya Honda Repsol 213V '14 1/12

This model was my 2nd adventure in the hobby, and I had already learned a lot from the mistakes made in the first one. I really enjoyed building this kit, because I spent a lot of time to build the exact color that matched the original. I [...]

Honda CBR 1000 RR-R Fireblade SP

Was going to steal stuff about this bike off the web bit @chinesegeorge George pretty much said it already in his recent headline post about his Fireblade. I choose to go with the Matte Pearl Morion Black finish. Painted with Tamiya’s [...]


The idea for this build began as I followed several bike builds in the Motorcycles Group. Between @bikequeen, @chinesegeorge and @johnb I knew I needed to attempt a bike build. I did some looking at my local hobby shop and on Amazon and [...]

Heller 1/8 Honda CB750

Whereas by 1967 American racing's governing body, the AMA, still had rules that allowed racing by production machines only and restricting overhead-valve engines to 500 cc whilst allowing the side-valve Harley Davidsons to compete with 750 [...]

NSR 500

I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the Honda NSR 500 racer... truth is, all I know is what was written on the Tamiya instructions. Spent about nine weeks on it and for a majority of that time it's had my undivided attention, [...]

Tamiya Honda Monkey 1/6th

Honda Monkey (Z Series) mini bike, 40th Anniversary addition. Tamiya’s Honda Monkey, 1/6th scale, it was called the Monkey because of the way the rider looked on it, arms an legs seemingly hanging out all over. I bought the kit because I [...]

Motorcycle GB: Honda CB900FTamiya 1/12

Good day everyone! Today, I'd like to share my most recent completion, which has been an enjoyable labor for the last few weeks. Having been bitten by the motorcycle building bug, this marks two in a row that I have now finished. While [...]

Tamiya Honda 750 Police bike 1/6th scale

Hello all, I built this in January of this year and just posted to the motorcycle group, reposting here. It was my first experience with 1/6th motorcycles and now I’m hooked. Thanks for viewing nod to @chinesegeorge for the suggestion [...]


Yes, folks, it’s another Tamiya 1/12 scale motorcycle kit, this time, to give it its full name, it’s the Honda CBR 1000RR-R Fireblade SP, one of Tamiya’s more recent offerings. Here’s an excerpt from the instructions giving the [...]