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Revell 1/32 Messerschmitt Me-262B 1a/U1

September 7, 2022 · in Aviation · · 24 · 1.1K

Here is my favorite topic, unfortunately limited due to the handful of aircraft produced. The model plastic is nicely engraved and separated control surfaces are provided including slats. However, the model does not offer more details by comparison to models of 1/48 scale in the market and the cockpit, wheel wells and gun bay details are sparse.

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  1. All of them are excellent builds, Rafi! Kudos (once again) to your painting / weathering skills!
    Thanks for the kit info, would be no harm if Revell would add some extra detailing at the kit's key areas.

  2. Nice work with the mottling.

  3. These are excellent models, Rafi. Very good paintwork.

  4. Very nice looking models, all skillfully painted !

  5. Both do look amazing, Rafi @blackmopane
    You builds are as amazing as the aircraft looks.
    Well done.

  6. A fantastic set of night fighters! Love the different schemes - well done!

  7. Very fine paintwork on the trio!

  8. Nice work on this. You have to remember, "You get what you pay for," and Revell has done their 1/32 releases "at a price."

    The Me-262 night fighters did not see action, despite rumors to the contrary. My friend the late Jorg Czypionka, who was a member of Kommando Welter, the Me-262 night fighter unit, told me that since they were Wilde Sau only, they had no people who could have operated the radar. Kurt Welter had realized the war was going to be over soon and the Allies were going to win, so he was collecting all the Me-262s he could get hold of, to trade with the Allies for good treatment (which worked). Those "operational photos" of Me-262 night fighters are actually of the airfield in northern Germany where Welter surrendered to the Allies, and close inspection of the personnel in the photos reveals most of them are in British battledress. Almost all surviving Me-262s came from The Welter Collection.

  9. Thank you Tom
    As I mentioned, the best that you can get for the scale is the Hasegawa Trumpeter combo.
    It makes sense that the aircraft did not see action. Some photographs show German ground crew attending these aircraft and it seems that they were also part of the trade.

    • They were indeed part of the trade. Welter told the British and Americans his guys would teach them how to fly and care for the airplanes, which was done over the summer of 1945. Welter also found a local POW camp where he bribed the commandant to let his guys in for 48 hours, then give them their paperwork and release them. As Jorg told me, the Brits were very apologetic in September when things were complete that "you all have to go to POW camps now." As he said "We waved our papers at them and walked off the field."

  10. All three are beautifully done, Rafi. Very fine airbrushing work for the mottling. I like 6 (306) best myself because of the particular combination of colors. Red 10 was probably the most work with all the further mottling on the wings. I must get back to my own Trumpeter Me-262A. Thanks for the inspiration.

  11. Thank you Colin
    Enjoy your Trumpeter 262A. I consider it the best model in the scale

  12. Nice job on all three.

  13. I remember building one of these kits back when I was a teenager. Mine wouldn't hold a candle to yours, very well done!

  14. Thank you Greg
    As a kid I built a single seat bought in a plastic bag. Later, I painted it pale blue with green brushed blotches and added scratch built antennae. It seems that I did not get very far from that 🙂

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