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Messerschmitt Bf109 E-3a, Swiss, Tamiya 1/48

December 24, 2020 · in Aviation · · 10 · 2.1K
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One step closer to 109 109's

As the sun was out today, another long finished build got some fresh air

I do apologise for the dust, but I only had a very short time before the sun dissapeared, so You will have to make do with the dust.

I used this one as an excuse to drill and carve a lot of openings and stuff in a standard 109, and I also did a few scratchbuild details.

The upper cowl was open up to let the air out, so that one needs a bit of thinning too, as it is already cast to stand proud.
I also opened up the venting holes.

To see all the details follow the link for the description in the group-section here on iModeler

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  1. This is a wonderful build, my friend @airbum!

    Great scheme (Swiss lovely scheme), and I just love these opened panels.

    It was great to follow your thread too!

    ...Closer to 109 109s?

    Which variant?

    Because, "maybe" you should consider making 109 of each variant... 🙂

    109 Ds, 109 Es, 109 Gs and so on?

    You can never have too many 109s!

    You are doing a splendid job there, a joy to watch all these 109s coming along.


    • Spiros (@fiveten), now that was a thought. I think I will be getting in trouble with 109 of each mark, but who knows 🙂
      At least the kindergarten in "Messerschmitt 109 Werke" is now in full swing making a batch of the D version (and perhaps a C now I'm at it) so at least the variety is expanding. Thank you for the comments my friend, it was a jou to have you on board for the in-progress topic.

  2. Great Emil, Erik.
    Thanks for sharing your building progress.
    It looks very nice in that winter sunshine.

  3. @ airbum - Good work Erik, though not as nice as the Italian job 😉 Merry Christmas!

  4. Erik, @airbum
    It has been an absolute joy to follow along and watch you create these works of art. Your build journals are also very informative. I sincerely appreciate all of the time and effort you put into your postings.

    You have the knack of building up 109's, and making them look good as the full sized 1 to 1 scale versions do... All of the little extra details you add to your builds help considerably too.

    I also pressed the "liked" button.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family my friend. 🙂

    • Louis (@lgardner)
      It has been a pleasure to build them and not least all the nice comments and info from a lot of good folks. I take great pleasure in the research, and have bought manuals and spareparts lists from the Hafner Archives (I did get him to print a Bf109F pilotsmanual for my girlfriend!)

      On a somewhat different note I asked Draw Decals if they were able to make a re-print of the Red Pegasus decals for Udets red D-ISLU, and it immediately came up on their website! What a service. Now I will get as many as possible interested people collected to make a batch of them in 1/48. Who knows, maube there will even be some kind AM supplier that will make the right nose for it, otherwise we shall have to get hold of our inner scratchbuildingmonster!

      A very merry Christmas to you and your family too my friend - hohoho. . .

  5. And another beautiful 109! Lovely detail work, and another interesting scheme. I just started an old Airfix "Dogfight Doubles" kit containing a Beaufighter and a 109 - I may use one of yours as a reference for this build! I plan it as an OOB build and will focus on paint work and weathering to bring it to life. You collection is definitely an inspiration!

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