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2022 Output

December 17, 2022 · in Uncategorized · 22 · 0.6K

Retirement, decent weather, new releases of liked models and a return of model shows (incentive) have combined to fuel a higher than average yearly output for Koppos. Thaks to all who have commented and Happy Christmas and New Year to all the iModelers, you're a great, talented bunch.

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  1. Not loading correctly. Won't cancel it either. Sorry will try again later

  2. Very nice Bill. I tried enlarging but couldn't. I had a problem with uploading full size pics yesterday and finally gave up

  3. Only loaded half of the pics. Won't let me edit or cancel after 5 tries, sorry Will try to fix it later.

  4. Same to you, Bill (@billkoppos). Retirement definitely helps. I built more models in the first year after I retired than I had in the previous 10 years. I quit building for shows and started building for myself, and I found I enjoy modeling a lot more. I had a long period when I couldn't get photos to load. It occurred right after they migrated the site to new servers. I discovered if I resized the photos to something 1600 pixels wide, then they would always load without problems. I haven't had problems since I started resizing.

  5. Sorry I can’t see the pictures, Bill, but I know you had a terrific year. It took a couple of tries to get my photos to load yesterday, and that was on a brand new iPad. Hope you have a great Christmas and looking forward to next year’s modelling.

  6. Cutting the pics down to one each did it. You can always go back and see all these masterpieces in the blog. Cheers and Happy happy. Keep on gluein' and sprayin' it's a golden age of modeling we're living in!

  7. Top notch results on a very nice variety of kits! Great job and thanks for sharing!

  8. Nice work for the year Bill! All are great looking models, and I admire your figure painting on that Panzer! 👍

  9. Thanks for the reminder of all the great work.

  10. Well done Bill! A fantastic year! Your modes are wonderful!

  11. Beautiful collection of models you gathered this year, Bill @billkoppos
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to you as well.

  12. Nice builds Bill, they are all great looking models. You have a Happy Christmas and New Years too.

  13. All well done, Bill. Congrats!

  14. Seems 2022 was indeed a very good modelling year for you Bill, thumbs up!
    That Falco is nothing less than stellar work!

  15. Great year, Bill! Retirement has been good for my output too. I finished 12 this year.

  16. Nice output for the year - some great builds in there.

  17. Excellent work Bill Koppos (@billkoppos), very very nice builds, my favourite is that CR.32. Wow, excellent - which kit and scale is it - the camo work is brilliant, any tips for when I do my one?

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