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RF-101C McDonnell Voodoo, 1/72 Hasegawa

December 24, 2022 · in Aviation · · 21 · 1K

This might be the first boxing of 's kit. Done up in an early camouflage scheme circa 1964, where the Voodoo had already been operating in Southeast Asia. I used some of the kit's decals, [ which is from an AMT boxing] and some from spares. I also added exhaust detail from a Monogram F-4, ECM pod and tail hook.
Included is my collection of Century series aircraft. Another of McDonnell's Designs that influenced the F-4
Question: what's odd about the kit's box

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  1. Beautiful model, my friend @roofrat! And great collection of Century series aircraft too!
    For the Hasegawa box art, would it be that the plane is depicted with a single centerline drop tank instead or the two side-by-side that are common with tge Voodoo?

  2. That's actually the scheme they first came up with for the Cuban Missile Crisis - the airplanes weren't repainted when they went to SEA.

    Nice work on this and a good result.

    Too bad the only one in 1/48 was from Sh*tty Hawk.

  3. Great painting!

  4. Good looking Voodoo, Robert! Interesting camo...

    My flight instructor back in the 70's was a crew chief on RF-101's in Vietnam and I built this kit for him way back when.

    So, what exactly are you going to paint "plack"? 🙂

  5. I really like this camo on a Voodoo, Robert (@roofrat). Great looking build, and a great looking collection. Well done. Have a great Christmas.

  6. Great builds on the other aircraft and Good responses on the box art, but i don't think it's a "US Navy Recon. Aircraft".

  7. Nice work on that, Robert! That’s the kit that made me a lifelong modeler.

  8. Great models ! That F-100 looks spectacular !

  9. Beautiful collection. Stuff of legend on the shelf. Happy new year . More in 23 ?

  10. Very nice result, Robert @roofrat
    Great work on this very early Hasegawa kit.

  11. Great build Robert. You also have a great collection of the Century Series jets and the McDonnell's jets collection. Super nice!

  12. Awesome camo on your Voodoo, Robert. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before. Looks really good.
    Great collection of century fighters , what’s next - Super Sabre? Keep’em going!

  13. @v1pro, Super Voodoo Robert! I really love the two "collection" pics; always have a soft spot for those! 👍

  14. I like Voodoos because they remind me of the late, great Jimi Hendrix, is that a good enough reason? This one looks cool, Robert, have a great new year.

  15. Again, thanks al!

  16. Lovely 101 - I'd never seen that camo scheme - might provoke me to build another one!

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