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1:25 Moebius Batman Tumbler

For this build I wanted to step away from my comfort zone and experiment a bit. I enjoy the Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy and the re-imagined , the . What a bada** vehicle. I found a Bane version (molded in tan) at my local model shop and snatched it up. As I began to envision the build I wanted to try some new skills so I added LED lighting, a diorama base and finally the Dark Knight himself.

The Build

The Tumbler

The kit itself was the focal point of the build and the first piece. Since the cockpit windows are blacked out it allowed for the LED works to fill the space without detracting from the final vehicle. A fellow modeler pointed me to If you are new at LEDs or experienced, this place is the bomb! I highly recommend. Anyway, the kit is a nice 1:25 represent action. If you build one, dry fit everything first. Some of the directions are backwards and the final “wings” are a PITA to attach.

The Base

I used artist foam and scribed the seems and cracks with a dental tool. Painted with artist acrylics and added some baking soda for texture as the paint was drying. The Gotham City sign was created in photoshop. last minute brainstorm too taught via the “Ha, Ha, Ha…” graffiti.

The Dark Knight

I found a two figure dark knight kit, one standing, one prone for the Bat Bike. I Frankensteined the two figures together into a single Batman is more interactive with the Tumbler. What I wanted to instill is the Batman stopping on his way into Gotham “not in my town” build up the last stand against the Joker..


While this is nowhere close to the DioMaster Charles King @tiking work, I’m pretty proud pf the result. Both the Tumbler & Dark Knight were painted with Vallejo acrylics and highlighted with pastels and powders. I did some color modulation on both to add some depth vs just straight flat black. Comment away and keep building.

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  1. How'd you get the rain in the photos?
    Nice work on the models and realizing the dio.

  2. Love the final result, Matt!
    Happy New Year!

  3. Wonderful result, Matt @coondog
    The rain pictures are great, would like to know as well how you achieved that effect.

  4. Wow that is some awesomeness in a dark package. Well done Matt.

  5. Super nice! 👍

  6. Brilliant Matt, absolutely love it. Well done, Love the subject and the rain Pics are amazing. The lighting is great as well, something I really want to learn.

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