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1:25 Moebius Batman Tumbler

For this build I wanted to step away from my comfort zone and experiment a bit. I enjoy the Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy and the re-imagined Batmobile, the Tumbler. What a bada** vehicle. I found a Bane version (molded in [...]

Moebius 1/25 Batman Tumbler

This isn't the first run that was molded in black, its the one that's molded in a gold color that has the option as being built as the military version from TDKR and comes with a Bane figure as well. Honestly, there are too many parts [...]

Review: Moebius 1/25 BATMOBILE 2016 review

The Batmobile

This I did way back when the 1980's Batman was popular, this is the '60s version. I used revel's 1/24 Lincoln Futura kit, sheet plastic& filler, and after market wheels/tires. As it turns out there was a conversion kit available a [...]