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A Pony with fangs! 'Tex' Hill's P-51b, Kunming, China, 1945

January 10, 2023 · in Aviation · · 21 · 1K

This is ICM's 1/48 (Tamiya knockoff) kit with bazooka's and bombs robbed from an Airfix P-51d kit, a home vacuformed canopy, detailed cockpit, brass belts, and a partially scratchbuilt wheel wells.
Painted with Tamiya acrylics, weathered with oils and pastels, and Superscale decals. (The sharkmouth decals so folded and wrinkled that they had to be sanded off, masked and sprayed! - such fun!)

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  1. Nice work, Colin! I love CBI stuff.

  2. This is exceptional work! wow!

  3. Exceptional work indeed, Colin!

  4. Another Goldilocks build. Everything is just right. The weathering and the wear and tear on the paint is convincing. The Shark's mouth stands out as being good if not better than a decal. Mustangs are like comfort food or for me a peanut butter sandwich. You never, get tired of making them.

    Two thumbs up Colin.

  5. Excellent result on this Pony, Colin @tail-dragon
    All the extras you did are definitely worth it.

  6. That's a hard one to do because the weathering is extensive, but not overwhelming, which is a hard balance to get with a model. But you have done it! This is really nice.

  7. Well done, Colin!

  8. Looks great, always liked CBI schemes.

  9. Good save on the fangs, Colin.

  10. Pretty dang cool. Great weathering. So much fun to beat up CBI birds. Bazookas look good on there too.

  11. Nice 'stang with fangs, Colin. Beauty work on the kit and the weathering.

  12. Very sweet. Keep ‘em coming!

  13. I am not much of a Mustang fan, but love what you did here. I like the early fastback mustangs..the plane and the car. more than the later versions. You did a beautiful job with this. Great paint, great weathering, interesting markings and lots of junk on the wings. Lovely. I also appreciate the pictures of the real aircraft, it shows just how well you nailed the weathering.

  14. A very nicely done build, with a lot of close attention paid to the subtle details of paint and weather... liked, a lot!

  15. You really captured the abuse of the elements on your shark-mouthed Stang. Excellent, Colin.

  16. A beautiful shark-mouthed Mustang! I love the fast-back Ponies. Your finishing work on this looks great!

  17. Great looking Mustang, nicely done. Your weathering is spot on.

  18. That's a cool looking pony Colin top stuff

  19. Thanks everyone! I appreciate the kind comments.
    I love sharkmouths and am slowly building a collection of them, from a P-40b to an A-10.
    I'm finding that weathering is a whole new set of challenges, but is fun none the less.

  20. I love Your Mustang!

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