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1/48th ICM B-26C Invader As Navy XJD-1 Prototype

February 25, 2023 · in Aviation · · 31 · 0.7K

This 1/48th model came in the box as a B-26C and was modified to represent one of two XJD-1 prototypes (BuNo 57990 and 57991). This 'Navalized' Invader, after further enhancement, would go on to serve under the designation JD-1.

A certain amount of 'artistic license' was needed for the conversion as this modeler lacked detail photography of the nose section and the waist compartment. Those two areas were to be somewhat visible in the finished model. I did have several nice external views.

The kit itself is nicely done with fine engraved panel lines and the parts fit was very good. Care must be given to following the instructions closely for the engine and exhaust mounting areas. Test fitting is essential. The instructions could be improved a bit there. Otherwise, a trouble free, fun build.

The model was airbrushed with two basic colors, yellow (FS13538) and flat black. Both were from the Mr. Color paint line. The decals were from ye ole decal stash with the exception of the red prop warning stripes which came from the kit.

The pictures below start with the finished model, then a few WIP (work in progress) shots and finally a couple of views of the real XJD-1

I hope you enjoy this Invader build and all comments are welcome.

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  1. Wow! Very cool Jim. I did the U.S. Navy JM-1 using the Monogram kit with a mod or two and lots of plastic and filler

  2. My goodness Jim that is a fine looking JD-1. Excellent work sir and a tip of the old flight cap to you. The color combination is eye catching and an exact match for the prototype you built. Good job, well done.

  3. You definitely nailed the original look.

  4. Fabulous! Brilliant build! Yellow and black really "pop"

  5. Very nice work ! A unique Invader.

  6. Nicely done, Jim.

  7. Fantastic job and a really great chosen subject, Jim!

  8. Excellent result of this unique Invader, Jim @bentwing

  9. Very nice. Always a delight to see an Invader built up differently. Great work Jim @bentwing.

  10. Great work. Very cool paint scheme.

  11. I did the same conversion based on the same photos! I went with gloss sea blue instead of the black though. Yours looks really good, Jim.

    • Thanks Robert. I noted what I thought was a touch of GSB on the cowlings of one of the color photos I was working with. I considered GSB but in the end, went with flat black.

  12. Clean build looks great. One question, on the left side, are the markings on the tail flipped? Should the BuNo be on the vertical stabilizer and the XJD-1 be on the rudder?

    • Thanks Michael and you are absolutely 100% correct about the placement of the tail ID info. I'll write that off to a senior moment and will re-do that marking correctly. Thank you for pointing that out.

  13. Great result on this, Jim, the yellow and black work really well together.

  14. Jim, Very nice ! You always seem to come up with some of the most interesting paint schemes!

  15. Thanks Terry, For some time now I've been motivated to build from photos that I find interesting and that brightly painted Invader really got my attention.

  16. That is definitely one of the most colorful Invaders I have seen - well done!

  17. Jim Sullivan (@bentwing)
    Hello Jim. This is the nicest Invader I have ever seen. It looks really good in these colors, and I think you nailed it.

    ICM has made some really nice kits as of late. You brought out the best in this one.

    Also, I have plans to post up my Lt. Mayberry Corsair on Saturday, March 4th. This is the one I was talking with you about who flew with VMF-123. I was able to uncover some more information on it, and again I wanted to thank you for all of your help.

    Take care.

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