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MiG-21R for the 'Under Another Flag' GB

February 21, 2023 · in Aviation · · 16 · 0.8K

So just about eight weeks on this one, everything you see (except the roundels & side number) is straight from the box, no after-market used at all.

Paint is all acrylic and all mixed 'until it looks about right'. And therein is the elephant on the workbench. For the finish I used three separate profiles from three different artists, and according to some, Syrian AF MiG's didn't wear these colours in this style, apparently somewhere down the road a photo was misinterpreted and then became a profile... Of course I was made aware of this when I was too deep into the build to turn back, but hey... it's a hobby not brain surgery, right ?.

Regardless, I love the final outcome, definitely NOT an easy shake'n bake weekend project, but sometimes I (we ?) need a more challenging build to keep us real, wouldn't you say.

Please feel free to ask questions, raise concerns or make any sort of comment. Cheers from a still very warm & sunny NZ.


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  1. Outstanding result, Ian! Very well done.

  2. Looking superb, Ian! A fantastic build thread too!

  3. Well, if it swims like a duck, quacks like a duck and flies like a duck and the art work is suspect . . .
    Great looking Mig-21 R Ian. Your model plays the role of the Mig-21 to perfection.

    Hit the like button. Had no choice.

  4. Amazing result, Ian @ij001
    A very realistic looking MiG, it clearly shows your high level of modelling skills.
    The chosen scheme is applied pefectly.

  5. It looks great, Ian, but I hate MiG 21’s, they are so noisy, I live in the flight path for the local Chinese built ones.

  6. I'm diggin' that MiG a lot! 👍 Great looking scale model, with a really nice paintjob! 🤩

  7. Great work all around, detail in the cockpit really stands out!

  8. Great build, I always liked the Mig 21

  9. Really nice job and paint scheme. I really loved building the Eduard 1/48 MiG 21PFL of the PVAF. A great kit in all respects.

  10. If the Syrians didn't wear these colors, they should have! The scheme is fantastic, and the paint and finishing work is excellent. Well done.

  11. Good looking Mig Ian, think the scheme looks very cool regardless of 100% accuracy. Nice build 👍

  12. Thanks everyone, really appreciate the comments.


  13. That's a phenomenal looking Mig. The contest police would be the only ones having an issue with the "correct paint scheme" I have an Eduard Mig-21to build. May have get started on it.
    I've been putting glue to plastic for over 50 years. If mine comes out just half as good as yours did, then I will have accomplished something. Once again well done.

  14. @ij001 - The paint scheme looks great! Sometimes historic accuracy is cool, and sometimes custom is cool. Either way, you have a great piece of art, and if the build was enjoyable, you're winning!

  15. Nice Mig!
    Great colours, well executed.

  16. Great looking MiG-21, nice job on the finish. Your build looks pretty real!

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