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1/48th Monogram/Hasegawa F4U-5 Corsair

March 16, 2023 · in Aviation · · 28 · 542

From time to time, when a picture grabs my attention, I often consider attempting to model it. This was the case with the -5 that I wanted to replicate. The version of the F4U-5 kit was good to work with for the most part, but I had trouble installing the flaps as they just didn't want to position properly. A little work with the #11 and a sanding stick resolved the issue for me. The model was airbrushed in Mr. Color paints, and it was the first time I had used their glossy sea blue (FS15042). Previously I had used Model Master (MM) enamels for many years, but I wanted to try Mr. Color since MM is long gone and eventually many of us will need a reliable paint substitute. For me, Mr. Color works. The decals were from several assorted sheets. The final photo in this batch is the actual plane I modeled. All comments welcome.

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  1. A wonderful result, Jim! Looks awesome!

  2. Good-lookin' Marine Corsair, Jim!

  3. Well done, Jim, love those Corsairs!

  4. Jim, Very Nice F4U-5 and thanks for the info on the Mr Color (I'll be making a note's on that), as I too have gone from out trusty MM enamel paints in search of a worthy replacement. I've had good luck with Mr Color so far, and also with Tamiya acrylics, that I thin with Tamiya lacquer thinner and few drops of Tamiya paint retarder. I believe the lacquer thinner gives a little more bite, preventing any lift off when using masking tape over it, and the retarder prevents paint clogs in the airbrush.

    • Thanks Terry and I see you've worked with Mr. Color also. I've been trying various brands as I know that my MM supply will eventually run out. Mr. Color works well for me so that will be my brand of choice when my MM supply is gone.

  5. You certainly accomplished what you set out to do. Beautiful rendition of the plane in the photo. Congrats.

    Certainly as an old modeler (really started “serious” modeling in the early 60s) Testors/ModelMaster paints were my, as well as about every other modeler I knew, go to paint. Still have a large supply. But with their demise, I finally turned to Mr. Color. I am a solvent based paint guy. Have had no luck with acrylic type paint. Mr. Color paint, combined with Mr. Color Leveling Thinner is light years ahead of even my beloved MM. Its color pigments are finely ground offering the ability to thin more consequently aiding greatly in airbrush control. On top of that, the thinner does wonders even for decidedly aged MM paints. I am sold on Mr. Color. Just my opinion.

    Again Jim, excellent Corsair.


    • Thanks McLents, I appreciate your comments on the Corsair build. As for paints, I've never had any luck with acrylics either and was pleased to find something that worked well for me when I tried the Mr. Color line. Like yourself, I still have a pretty good supply of MM paints, but that production line no longer exists. I do see some MM paint on Ebay but at over $8 a bottle + freight, that's quite expensive. Testors certainly let a lot of modelers holding the bag when they decided to do away with their Model Master paints.

  6. Excellent result, Jim @bentwing
    The glossy sea blue looks perfect.

  7. Awesome work. Really love this sturdy looking bird.

  8. One hot looking Corsair! Jim.

  9. Nice build, Jim!

  10. Another good looking bent wing bird, Jim. Always enjoy looking at your work Jim, always top notch.

  11. Another great looking Corsair.

  12. Thank you, George and no doubt I'll have more Corsairs to share as time goes by.

  13. Nice Corsair build. Like you, I'm also switching to Mr. Color from MM. So far, so good.

  14. Nice work as usual Jim. A fine looking Corsair for sure and an excellent paint job to finish the build 2 Thumbs Up.

  15. Thanks Clark, one just can't have too many Corsairs. I've got another one on the building table now. I keep running across interesting photos of Corsairs that I'd like to model. I'm still waiting for one of the better modeling companies to offer a quality 1/48th F4U-4.

  16. Jim Sullivan (@bentwing)
    This is another epic Corsair build. Having a good photo makes a big difference when you are building a model. I don't recall seeing that particular one before you posted it here. Our Korean War group is still going on for a few more months. Should you decide to, there's still time for another build (or two) since the official end date is in late July. Our Korean War group is following the exact dates of the "Police Action" until the cease fire was finally signed.

    I agree with you, it would really be nice to see a better F4U-4, (or better yet, the later dash 5 through 7's).
    Hobby Boss has done their take on them, but they messed up with the outer wing panels, depicting them as being fabric covered. I do like the early versions of the Corsairs they have done though.

    My favorites are the Tamiya kits though. One can always hope...

    Like you, I have also ran out of my Go To paint, Model Master for Dark Sea Blue. Now I'm using MRP paints and they seem to work out well too. I add a little lacquer thinner to help them "bite" into the plastic because I have had problems in the past with other acrylic paints lifting when taped over. I also use Mr. Color as you mentioned. Great minds think alike...

    Thanks for sharing this one with us.

    I definitely clicked on the "Like" button.

  17. Thanks Louis, I appreciate your kind comments on that F4U-5 Corsair build. We definitely share the appreciation of the ole Bent Wing bird. I have another one on the modeling table now but it's from a time period before the Korean War.


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