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Mörser Karl III (Thor) in 1:35 (Trumpeter)

March 18, 2023 · in Armor · · 11 · 0.8K

Short history:
The Gerät, also called Mörser Karl was developed by Rheinmetall in the 1930-ies. It is basically a 21 road wheel strengthened tank chassis featured of a 60cm heavy mortar, mainly used to break sieges. Here is a picture of the impact on a high-rise (Prudential Insurance) building downtown Warsaw during the uprising in 1944.

The mortar was used in anger only three times, in Brest 1941, Sebastopol 1942 and also to break the seige of Warsaw in 1944. The mortar shell came in different sizes but typically weighted about 2 tons and was slung by the 040-Gerät modelled here over a distance between 1000 and 2000m in a highly ballistic trajectory (hence it was a Mortar, not a gun).

More on the 21ton monster on Wikipedia:

The kit is #00215 and actually allows you to build every Mörser Karl Gerät ever built. The kit is typical for Trumpeter: Detailed and fine plastic parts featured of metal shells and some PE frets. The only drawbacks of the kit are that the barrel is in two halves while only soft plastic (vinyl) tracks are featured with the kit.

The build:
I actually built the kit OOB apart from the vinyl tracks, which I replaced with Trumpeters' plastic and pinned link-and-link tracks. You can follow the build report here in case you missed it:

I chose the third Mörser out of the series, called "Thor". I also added a figure (also Trumpeter) from a Karl-Gerät crew set in 1:35 but bashed it so not to overload and focus on the model.

Painting and weathering
I painted the model in subassemblies like wheels, cradle, receiver etc. Primed with black acrylic from the rattle-can, followed the few kit decals and the German grey finish. Then I blended it all in with satin acrylic varnish, after which I added a thinned oils wash. The result is as you see it. Will try and add some more and better pictures in daylight later.

Thanks to my friends here for supporting the build, which was actually a X-mas gift from my family. I knew the kit but did buy it myself yet, just for its size... At 21 scale tons, it really is a big piece for the display case!

Will now finish the base gradually... Happy modeling, Michel.

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  1. Exceptional model, Michel! Fantastic job and superb result! Your build thread was a joy to follow.

  2. This one turned out amazingly, Michel @michel-verschuere
    A pleasure to follow your thread and learn how you approached this huge morter.
    Aligment of the wheels turned out perfectly, a nicely developed technique.

  3. Well done, Michel.

  4. Hopefully it did not “Vermorzel “ your display case !
    As always, very nice Michel

  5. Michel Verschuere (@michel-verschuere)
    You have definitely done a magnificent job with your Karl Morser. Unfortunately I didn't get to comment on it as much as I would have liked too. Being sick has kept me from doing a lot of things lately, but now I'm feeling better. I have followed along with your project, (lurking in the shadows) because I wasn't logged in at most of the time.

    It was a pleasure to watch you work your magic. It was also a great idea to model it with the breach open. Having a crew member posed also gives you the impression of just how huge these actually were. Brilliant !

    I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end either. I have heard a lot of 155 and 105 MM Howitzers and 4.2 mortars fire in my past military career, (and I have fired a lot of 105MM main gun rounds from M-60's) but I can't imagine how this beast must have roared !

    Thanks for sharing "Thor" with us. It's definitely up to your usual high standards. Two thumbs up my friend. Please tell your family we said hello.

    and I definitely clicked on the "like" button too.

    Do you have any ideas for future projects ?

  6. Incredible model Michel! 🤩

  7. @fiveten, @johnb @gwskat @bernardbedeur @lgardner @garybrantley Thanks for checking in and liking this build. It was a bit an unexpected one to be honest, since it was a gift. I imagine crew of this one needed hearing aids soon after firing some of these projectiles.

    @lgardner, I am now finishing a build, the WiP of which you can see here:

    I needed to finish painting the figures for that one, here is the scene I tried to represent

    Next I will set to do someting for your Korean GB, it was on my book but due to my job, I am currently building less fast... I will try and make the deadline though...

    Will keep you posted!

  8. @lgardner these are for you, I just fixed the figures, more in the main feed in the next days! Gotta luv that FBM 148 Javelin! Cheers buddy!


  9. Michel Verschuere (@michel-verschuere)
    Yes it does look very good. We had Dragon and TOW missiles installed in our M-113's. I don't have any experience with the Javelin. I got out of the Army before my last unit started transitioning into the newer Bradley's. My primary MOS was Armor, and I was a tank crewman in M-60's and I was transitioning into the M-1A1 when I got out of the Army.

    I just left you a post on your latest diorama "Here and No further". You always build some incredibly detailed projects, and they all look like a miniature version of the real thing. These figures are just as excellent as everything else is in the diorama.

    Well done !

  10. Great job on the beast!

  11. Good to see this monster in headlines, Michel, I really enjoyed following your WIP.

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