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Supermarine Seafire

1/48 Seafire FR.46

This is the 1996 Airfix kit with a few upgrades. I actually built it for a group build on Roy Sutherland’s Barracuda Studios Facebook page. I incorporated the following Barracuda products into the model: replacement prop blades, [...]

Special Hobby 1/72 Supermarine Seafire Mk.45

Typical Special Hobby fare with this one. A fair bit of care, attention, dry fitting and sanding and it goes together well. Primed with Tamiya Neutral Grey. Painted with Colourcoats Interior Grey Green, Extra Dark Sea Grey, Sky S Type, [...]

Seafire FR.47: Airfix 1/48

My attempt at the 90’s Airfix Seafire, built from its original boxing. This represents VP 461, flying with 800 Naval Air Squadron, based initially in Hong Kong before its deployment to the Korean War aboard HMS Triumph. I can see why [...]

When a Spitfire turns into a praying mantis: Seafire F.XVII, 741st NAS, St.Merryn 1947

About the Seafire F.XVII The Seafire F.XVII shown here represents the second generation of "Spitfires that were taught to swim", now equipped with Rolls Royce Griffon engines instead of the previous Merlin engines. The first [...]

Seafire Fr 47: Korea: The Forgotten War Group Build

Hi All, My latest post is my build from the, Korea: The Forgotten War, group build. Thank you to Louis Gardner for setting up the Korea group. Thank you to Spiros Pendedekas for letting me build the Griffon engine in the Aeroengines group [...]

Seafire Mk III, Special Hobby, 1/48: last dogfight of the World War 2 'First and Last' Project.

This is my third build on the theme of 'First and Last'. This ‘First and Last’ build features the last day of the second world war, the 15 of August 1945, and the last recorded dogfight in the Pacific theatre. It is an oft told story, [...]

Seafire FR.47 Airfix 1/48

Hello everyone, Its been a while since my last post here. Here is my recently finished Seafire FR.47 with some aftermarket addons (engine and cockpit). I rivetted the model, replaced the canopy (taurus) and did some other improvements. It [...]

Supermarine Seafire MK XVII Airfix 1/48

New mold kit,very easy to build,represented as a new one as to focus on its marvelous camo...

1/48 Seafire Ib

This is something I’ve been working on part time over the past year while waiting for things to dry, set, etc...on other projects. It’s a Hasegawa limited edition kit that I picked up awhile back. Basically, it’s their Spitfire Vb [...]

Seafire IIIThe Last Day of World War II

The Last Day of World War II: The first quarter moon hung in the western sky gleaming dimly through scattered clouds over the Pacific; the moonlight was sufficient to illuminate the many wakes of the huge formation of ships below. At 0300 [...]