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Tamiya 1:48 Focke-Wulf Fw-190F-8/9 Kit #61104

May 8, 2023 · in Aviation · · 21 · 505

Just your "bog standard" kit with its minor wheel issues. Fw 190F-8 W.Nr. 583234. A war trophy of 511th FS/404th FG in Kitzingen. I couldn't find a photo of the aircraft so I'm relying on Karaya Decal for the info such as "Camouflage: Standard Fw 190F-8" If anyone has a photo of this aircraft I would love to see it. It may be in one of the "Captured Butcherbirds" by Kecay Publishing. Anyhoo...after reading through many books I found this..."... the F-8 could be painted either 74/75/76 or 75/82/76..." so I went with this: on the rudder, that colour said to be a greenish version of RLM76. I used Tamiya XF-14 J.A. Grey. Tother RLM76 using Vallejo Model Air 71.046 Pale Blue Grey. For RLM75 I used Mr. Hobby Aqueous H-69 RLM75 Gray Violet, RLM82 using Tamiya XF-26 Deep Green. The Karaya decals were a beast to lay down with setting solutions, sticking like the proverbial scared limpet to a rock so I just used lots of water. Tamiya's decals behaved like Tamiya decals. The only real issue I had with the kit was trying to attach the landing gear retraction mechanism; a third hand would be great

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  1. Nice! Sure looks awkward in US markings, I must say...

  2. Superb, George! Love it in these markings!

  3. Beautiful work on this Wurger, George @blackadder57
    Very special in this captured scheme.

  4. Nice job, George. I like the multiple markings.

  5. Nicely done! Another odd ball?

  6. Cool markings, George (@blackadder57). These captured planes had some really garish markings. Well done.

  7. No matter how it's painted, an FW190 always looks like it's ready to fight.
    Nicely done, George.

  8. Another great oddball scheme from down under. I like it George.

  9. Nice work, George!

  10. Cool version of a classic kit.

  11. That looks really nice, beautiful job! I like seeing other the German and Japanese aircraft in US marking, and vice-versa. I have plans to build a 262 with the 37mm cannon nose when Watsons wizzers were doing there evaluations. I have the old Revell 1/32 scale kit waiting in the stash.

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