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Jim Sullivan Memorial Build, Piper NE-1

September 17, 2023 · in Aviation · · 39 · 418

Hi All,
My second build for the Mr. Jim Sullivan memorial group build is based on a picture in the book, Golden Wings 1941-1945, co-authored by Jim Sullivan, a USN, .

The NE-1 is the Navy version of the iconic Piper J3C-65, Cub used for training and liaison work.


, , J-3 Cub Goes to War
Primer, Mr. Surfacer 1200, White
Mr. Color, 329, Yellow/FS13538
Moderately weathered with artist oil wash.
Insignia were painted using masks I created with my cricut cutter.
Tail numbers were individual decals from the spares box and the Cub emblem were from the kit.
EZ Line-Fine was used for the rigging.

Thanks for stopping by and checking this out. If interested, you can check out the build progression over at...

I had some troubles during the build, mostly of my own doings, but all in all it was a fun build.

I hope my build brings Jim honor.

As always, until next time KEEP IT FUN!

A few comparison shots:

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39 responses

  1. Fantastic result, Gary! An equally fantastic build thread!
    A great tribute to Jim.

  2. Excellent result, Gary @gwskat
    An absolute great tribute to Jim.
    Thanks for sharing your building progress.

  3. That will work! Looks like a real one reduced. Great job.

  4. A fine tribute with a wonderful, realistic build.

  5. Excellent build Gary.

  6. Looks like the J-3 I spent my first six hours of flight instruction in. You definitely got the most out of what was there in the box with this one, @gwsckat. Great work and a beautiful result!

  7. Hey Gary @gwskat, what a lovely build! It looks so cool! Love the delicate canopy.

  8. This was a tough build, gary (@gwskat), but it resulted in a perfect copy of the actual plane. Can't do better than that! Well done.

  9. Turned out very well, Gary, you’ve captured the looks of the real thing beautifully.

  10. That’s really nice, Gary. It looks real!

  11. @gwskat - Excellent build Gary, I'm amazed by how flat the entire fuselage actually is. Your comparison shots are spot on!

  12. That is one sweet looking build.

  13. Special skills to present a beautiful Ne-1 Gary, Special Hobby can put your through the gauntlet so to speak, yet the model was built and looks outstanding. Another museum qualtiy piece. Well done Gary

  14. Wow! Your Piper turned out absolutely great, Gary@gwskat. All that extra work you did really paid off. Enjoyed your build thread too. Now that you finished it, would you recommend this kit to someone who's been thinking about taking the SH plunge?

    • Thanks, Eric, @eb801 and thanks for following along on the build!
      I would say yes to this kit, and the current L-4 I'm building. These are the only SH kits I have experience with so I don't know their history on other builds. Kind of a cop-out answer but I don't want to lead you in the wrong direction.

  15. Really nice! Don't see many Cubs in that yellow scheme.

  16. That's a great looking J-3/NE-1. Brings back pleasant memories of flying off grass strips on nice summer days back in the good ol' days!

  17. Great job. My Hobbycaft kit stalled out years ago

  18. gary sausmikat (@gwskat)
    You have done an excellent job with your Piper. It was a pleasure to follow along with your build journal. Your completed model looks just like the ones in the pictures. I am very impressed with the tiny details you included on this build. It looks like a 1/48 scale miniature of the real thing ! I'm definitely clicking on a few of the various "like" buttons.

    Thank you for the continued support with our various group builds.

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