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HMS Belfast 1943, Trumpeter 1/700

It's been a while since I posted. This time it's . This is a ship that reminds me of when I worked in about 25 years ago. My office faced the , and seeing her was my daily life. She was actually there wearing this camouflage! It was my first time building a 's kit, and as rumored, it was a bit tricky one. I think my outcome still has a lot of rooms for improvement. Therefore, this time I put a lot of effort into photographing the scene.

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  1. Looks to me like you did an excellent job on that model. All that detail - in 1/700!

  2. I agree with ^Tom ^, that’s an awesome model you’ve built and photos are very good too.

  3. Very nice. I took the grand tour of the ship in '77

  4. A beautiful build of the Belfast, Naoki @yamanaka
    Lots of details indeed, must have been quite a challenge to get that done in 1/700.
    You have taken some nice photos of it as well, especially the one with the sunset.
    I was fortunate to see her last year, unfortunately there was no time to take a tour, a very impressive ship.

  5. That's a great looking build Naoki 👌
    My wife's office looks out on the Belfast. Not a bad view of the old Lady and the Tower of London she tells me. You model has certainly done her justice.

  6. I used to visit Belfast quite frequently. I do like the model - you've done really well with the kit.

  7. Great photos, Naoki, and a lovely looking model.

  8. Looks great to me and the photography is exceptional. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Very cool indeed, Naoki @yamanaka! 👍

  10. Stunning small scale model. Quite envious of how nice your rigging turned out.

  11. Nice work, model and photo variations.

  12. Excellent job, Naoki!

  13. Thank you for your heartwarming comments as always!

  14. I visited her as well in this livery in London. Great model!

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