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HMS Prince of Wales 1941, Flyhawk 1/700

This is one of my favourite ships, but I have hesitated to post it because, after all, I had built it a bit long time ago. To be honest, it was my first Flyhawk kit and my first attempt at rigging. Again, as before, I cheated with the [...]

HMS Belfast 1943, Trumpeter 1/700

It's been a while since I posted. This time it's HMS Belfast. This is a ship that reminds me of when I worked in London about 25 years ago. My office faced the Thames, and seeing her was my daily life. She was actually there wearing this [...]

Fujimi 1/700 HMS Eagle (a blast from the past)

Dear friends While working on my next model, I share today pictures of an older build. This was completed more than 3 years ago, and was my first 1/700 ship, and also my first sea base. I decided to share images of this model to [...]

HMS Jupiter 1940

This is HMS Jupiter, a J class destroyer, which was pictured the status in 1940. You can see it at Wikipedia. It was based on Flyhawk 1/700 and a bit modified by using generic PEs and self built masts. This is my first post. I hope it has [...]

HMB ENDEAVOUR 1768 : OCCRE 1/54 Scale

First of all apologies for not posting this sooner, due to life and work as this was completed back in April this year. OcCre 1/54 Endeavour 🤺🤺🤺⚓⚓⚓ After 13 months work on my Endeavour, she is finally finished. It's been a [...]

Eduard 1/48 Grumman Hellcat 1 (F6F-3)

This is a great kit that I thoroughly enjoyed building and am reasonably happy with the results. Anything else is superfluous. It's one half of a twin boxing-still have a Hellcat 2 (F6F-5), Pacific Theatre.

HMS Sheffield D80

HMS Sheffield was a Type 42 guided missile destroyer, the first of fourteen Type 42 destroyers to enter the Royal Navy service plus two that, ironically entered Argentinian Navy. The ship was commissoned in February 1975 and spent its [...]

HMS Tiger, C20

This is my completed light cruiser HMS Tiger, build from the Matchbox/ Revell kit from the 1970's. The Tiger and her sister ship Blake were converted from all-gun cruisers in the 1970's into "Helicopter and Command Cruisers", to [...]

HMS Prince of Wales 1/700

Dear friends, this is my last model. The HMS Prince of Wales in 1/700 scale. Model kit by Flyhawk that represents the ship in December of 1941. In the kit there are a lot of photoetch, metal barrels and resin parts. I think that in 1/700 [...]

1/72 Airfix Royal Navy Buccaneer S2C, 800 NAS, HMS Eagle, June 1971

G'day all. It's been a while between drinks. It just so happens I reduced the stash by one over the weekend. This is the lovely 1/72 Airfix S2C Buccaneer. It's a great kit to build with only two real gripes. I found that the inserts for [...]