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Just a young guy building old kits of old things.

Tamiya Type 74 1/35

I've always liked the Type 74. Part of the reason was that this tank was similar to the Swedish S tanks that could alter the hull’s angle and height with its hydroneumatic suspension. The kit went together well. The only issue I had [...]

Tamiya M41 Walker Bulldog 1/35

I originally wanted to make this kit after my first armor kit the shop I go to couldn't get it until February. I got itchy to build something and I built the Chieftain. This kit came in and I started work. The kit had very few parts and [...]

Tamiya Chieftain Mk. V 1/35

An old kit and a young kid come together fairly well to make this. I did very light reading on the kit and saw various people saying this kit is relatively in accurate. How it is inaccurate, I don't know, but I think the kit is quite [...]