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Cat out of hell! 1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat Mk.II

Here she is! Totally OOB, I’ll have a full write up soon.

Speed Silver Spit! 1/48 Airfix Spitfire Mk.XIV

OOB Airfix 1/48 Spitfire Mk.XIV Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10 When Airfix went to the red box, it was a revelation. One that signaled that they could indeed make attractive boxes that made you want to buy the kit. Adam Tooby’s fantastic modern [...]

Pocket Bone! Academy 1/144 B-1B Lancer

Academy 1/144 B-1B Lancer Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 8 Academy has greatly improved their boxart and configuration from its early days. Newer, better boxart, colorful sides and information is presented well. The decals are Cartograph, so no mor[...]

Sunny Sunliner. Revell 1/32 F-18E Super Hornet

Revell 1:32 F-18E Super Hornet Box Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 8 The large box is reinforced on the bottom so it supports the 5+lbs of weight. The boxart is atrractive and shows a dynamic and colorful VX-9 bird swooping in. The sheer size of the box [...]

Great Wall Hobbies 1:48 F 15E Strike Eagle…

Great Wall Hobbies 1:48 F-15E Strike Eagle The D Score Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 7 ​The box has attractive and colorful boxart, and portrays the aircraft in a dynamic setting. The box is a standard, top opening box of good construction. The instr[...]