Yellow Pony! 1/48 Eduard P-51D-5NA Mustang “Marie”

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Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10

Eduard's newer, more dynamic boxart rivals that of the top companies. The instruction sheet contains more color, though needs a little more proofreading. But each version getting its own color page for markings, and the chart designating which areas are bare metal and which are in an aluminum lacquer coating. The decals are Cartograph, and are exquisite as usual.

Sprues: 9

While nice and crisp, some do have a little bit of flash, and some short shot issues. The gates and land of the parts are second to none however.

Shape: 10

The stressed skin effect was very well represented, and very convincing. Bravo! The other shapes looked spot on, no issues.

Subject/Cool Factor: 10

This is a Mustang. It created the Cool Factor. While the may have been coveted beforehand, the desire, sexiness, the lust for a fighter didn't arrive until the Mustang went into combat. It continues to this day.

Engineering: 9

Eduard took a while to release this kit, and didn't seem to hurry up and get it out when got theirs out. And we really are spoilt for choice because of it. This is billed as a Block 5 P-51, but without the non-filleted tail. Which is accurate, as most Block 5s were field modified to add the fillet. But the one-piece fillet makes it obvious they will release a non-fillet tail in the future. Also, the inclusion of all three prop blades adds more possibilities. A P-51K can be built from this kit, as is also includes a Dallas canopy. There is also a camera port part, that goes unused, but it's only one. I imagine there will be an F-5 photo recon release, or one that incudes it, in the future. One thing that still puzzles me is the way the prop gets added to the cowl. The peg for it isn't long enough to insert in the poly cap just inside the nose.



Fit: 9

I take point away here for one reason: the fit is too good. There is absolutely no wiggle room in the parts. And I think that contributed to the fact that I misaligned the cockpit pieces, and it made the wing fit a little more difficult.

Detail: 10

Detail is fantastic. Without a doubt, the most detailed P-51 to date, just topping the Airfix kit. Although the Airfix kit has some questionable areas of rivet lines. This isof course the Profipack kit with the color PE. For those that have wanted a Mustang with a smooth wing, this is it.

Effort: 9

Just a tick off for the fit that's just too tight. Other than that, It was an absolute delight to build.

Value: 9

Just because this kit costs about $20 more than the Airfix kit, I take a point off for value. Fun Factor: 10

This was an absolute delight. Enjoyed every minute of it.


Add it all up and the D score is...96 out of 100

This is a Grade A kit. Most detail, but you do pay a premium.

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  1. Very nicely done. Looks like my stash will have to get at least one box higher

  2. Thank you for the words on this new limited edition release. I have just ordered mine AND a set of overtrees direct from eduard. They offer this at 20% off (untill today! ONLY) (and 25%off for BFC-members), making it less pricey - and with the trees set you just need stencils to build two!

  3. Nicely done Daniel great to be able to see this kit made up in the flesh!

  4. That's a good looking Pony, Daniel. Nice review as well, you covered all the bases.

  5. Beautiful presentation, sir...well done indeed.

  6. Bravo! A wonderful model with a fun and captivating description of box and construction process, vices and strengths. Seems everyone will buy at least one box so Eduard has hit the jackpot (again...)

  7. Great Job Daniel! The weathering is great- especially how you used it to tone down he yellow and make it look war weary without going too far. You chose the scheme I tried to get a few years back as a "leftover". Of course, when I found out that Aeromaster had produced it, and I looked into it, it was OOP! I think I settled on some other scheme for that P-51 in my stash, but I think I will be posting for someone who doesn't use the "Marie" markings when they build this kit! Thanks for sharing the build!


  8. Absolutely gorgeous Mustang!

  9. that is a hot looking Mustang. Excellent work on the finish!

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