Cat out of hell! 1/24 Airfix F6F-5 Hellcat Mk.II

July 9, 2019 · in Aviation · · 24 · 3.4K

Here she is! Totally OOB, I’ll have a full write up soon.

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  1. That's a real looker! The paint and weathering work look fantastic - just right for the scale and theater.

  2. Good-lookin' build...must be a monster in that scale, huh ?

  3. Nice! First one across the line!

  4. Anything above 1/48 is big compared to my small display area. Even WnW single engine planes are a space luxury. That beast is just huge 🙂 congratulations for posting the first one I see fully made. Just how long was the build?
    Also can’t skip a word about the quality your work, very realistic.

  5. Daniel, this build turned out well indeed and the painting and weathering all come together to make the viewer see not just a hunk of plastic but, a FAA Hellcat. What prompted you buy such a kit and how do feel about it now that you've built it up and finished it?

    • I get every new tool Airfix kit. I have since 2013. I have to build them! This one was supposed to be a leap forward for them, and it pretty much is. I’ll do a full write up soon.

  6. Wow! That's the only word that comes to mind when I look at your build! Great paint job and subtle weathering.

  7. How was the stressed skin effect on this one? I was told that this kit was to have it so I am curious how it turned out (if it does have the stressed skin effect.)

  8. Really nice Daniel.

  9. I second the Wow! A real beauty.

  10. Just gorgeous. Looking forward to the full writeup. Nice Cat.

  11. Fast work - great result. I love the paintwork.

  12. Really like the colour scheme. Any problems with the mouldings like some other recent Airfix releases?

  13. Nice work Daniel. Good to see the FAA colour scheme!

  14. As promised:

    Airfix 1/24 F6F-5 Hellcat


    Packaging/Decals/Pubs: 10

    My thoughts on the boxart has been recorded, and nothing changes here. For this kit, the instruction sheet is impeccable, and in multicolor and 3D CAD exploded views. The wiring guide for the engine is also fantastic. The decals are Catrograph and no issues were encountered whatsoever. Top marks.

    Sprues: 9

    The gates are much improved over the Spitfire, and cutting parts off didn’t include chunks of plastic this time. There was still a little flash here and there however. But the genius stroke, was keeping all the subassemblies on one spure. All the engine parts on one, all the cockpit parts on one, etc..

    Shape: 10

    The stressed skin effect was very well represented, and very convincing. Bravo! The other shapes looked spot on, no issues.

    Subject/Cool Factor: 10

    This was initially a head scratcher. But the risk Airfix took in going for say, a tier II subject has paid off. This was a hole in the line of WWII fighters that was finally filled. And while the Hellcat doesn’t have the sexy lines of a Spitfire or Mustang, it definitely looks great in this scale. It makes up for the fact that is isn’t a Mustang or Spitfire in the risk that was taken. Top marks here too.

    Engineering: 10

    Airfix has taken that leap forward that I hoped they would with this kit. The build sequence is logical, the spures follow the subassemblies, the instruction sheet is easy to follow and well illustrated and colored, and I encountered no issues in the build.

    BOX SCORE: 49


    Fit: 9

    I take point away here for one reason: the fit is too good. There is absolutely no wiggle room in the parts. And I think that contributed to the fact that I misaligned the bottom of the fuselage. However I do blame myself mostly. However, the engine an ancillary components did have some parts that were just too tight, and fitting was difficult. There was literally no room for it to wiggle on. Also, the engine covers do have a looser fit if you don’t get it 110% right. And that extra 10% is almost impossible to get without eating up time.

    Detail: 9

    Detail is fantastic, for the scale, and I’m thinking Airfix have hit maximum density on their box plastic detail. Sure, some crisper look can be had with aftermarket parts, but out of the box, the detail is still fantastic. How much you want to add to that is just a matter of your time and money.

    Effort: 9

    Just a tick off for the fit that’s just too tight. Other than that, It was an absolute delight to build.

    Value: 10

    Put bluntly, you can’t get better value than this. A mighty kit for $160. The HK Lancaster and HB Liberator are $300+ and have known issues. This kit doesn’t have any of those, and at half the price.

    Fun Factor: 10

    This was an absolute delight. Enjoyed every minute of it.


    Add it all up and the D score is…97 out of 100

    This is a Grade A kit. The highest score I’ve given so far, and even if this isn’t your scale or your subject, GO BUY THIS KIT! Keep it in your stash if you must.

  15. Marvelous! Thanks for your analysis, too. It's way bigger than my normal scale (1/72!) but now I'm really, really tempted. You should be paid by Airfix for this wonderful build.

  16. Wonderful build, Daniel!

  17. Really nice build and finishing. I'm astonished to see this completed so quickly. Well done!

    I read somewhere that the aft cockpit bulkhead is a fraction too wide and that this causes the fuselage sides to have a gap. I can't confirm this from personal experience but it might be worth watching out for.

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