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I was born in Brazil. Like many children in the 1970's I built ship and plane models, mostly from Revell (the only brand available there). After many years I took the hobby again, as an extension of my interest in history. I currently live in Melbourne, Australia.

I keep photos of all my models in my personal web site (www.marcellorosa.com). This site is not monetised, does not carry advertisements, and is purely for fun.

The last battleship: HMS Vanguard (Hasegawa 1/450)

I have not contributed anything to modelling sites for the last 6 months, and here is the reason. Perhaps unwisely, I decided to build a model of HMS Vanguard, the Royal Navy's last battleship. And, before someone says it, I know that [...]

Fujimi 1/700 HMS Eagle (a blast from the past)

Dear friends While working on my next model, I share today pictures of an older build. This was completed more than 3 years ago, and was my first 1/700 ship, and also my first sea base. I decided to share images of this model to [...]

The ultimate Snoop: RC-135V/W Rivet Joint (Roden, 1/144)

It is plain for all to see that my misadventures building the B-36 ((link)) were not sufficient to keep me away from Roden kits. I think his Ukranian manufacturer found an excellent market niche, providing reasonably accurate, reasonably [...]

USS Philadelphia (CL-41), Brooklyn class cruiser

Here, my friends, is my first foray into the brave new world of resin kits. I have a soft spot for the 9 cruisers of the Brooklyn class, which were extremely good looking ships, and of great historical significance. Thus, it is hard to [...]

Six turning, four burning, a lot of masking: Roden 1/144 B-36 D

Here are some photos of my recently completed B-36, representing a plane (01086, “Miss Featherweight”) based at Carswell during the early 1950’s. This model was built using the Roden 1/144 kit, with a few scratch built details. I [...]

The hard working bunny: Academy F-4J Phantom II (with Furball decals)

It can be rightfully argued that no model airplane collection is complete without a Phantom. But with so many extraordinary Phantom models out there, how can a "developing" modeller aspire to do something with a potential to [...]

USS Gearing, Dragon 1/350

Here is my build of Dragon's USS Gearing, lead ship of the US Navy's ultimate WWII destroyer class. This is the excellent kit from Dragon, which comes with extensive photoetch (but, surprisingly, no railing!). Built it out of the box apart [...]

PB4Y-2 Privateer "Redwing" (Matchbox, 1980)

I have been meaning to post photos of this model for a long time, and finally got the motivation given the fact it won a first prize in the recent Australian Model Expo. The category was "1/72 - out of the box - non-Commonwealth" [...]

A colourful cat: Italeri 1/48 F7F-3P Tigercat (VMP-354)

Here are some photos of my Tigercat, completed in 2020 about the same time the news services were starting to talk a lot about a virus spreading from Wuhan. I consider the Tigercat a really good looking plane, with the combination of the [...]

A statement of expectations for after market decals?

I am in the process of completing a Hasegawa 1/72 kit of the P2V-7 Neptune. Now, I am always for trying to build "out of the box", but this brings the problem of what to do when decals are too old. On this occasion my usual [...]