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Mirage V, ‘BD 09’, 8th Squadron, 3rd Wing TAC BAF

December 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 14 · 1.2K

My latest build, the 5! This aircraft is really particular for me since when I was 'still' young, I had many chance to visit an operational airbase (thanks to my nanny's husband) which operating with Mirage. So let's the story started: I found back few picture of my self in the cockpit of those beautiful jets, then I decided to reproduced each series of them the BA, BD, and BR. Only problem I never sat in a BD... NO PROBLEMO, there is a team not so far from my position who has one! The BD 09 TEAM! That's a fantastic team composed of mirage lovers (pilot, technician, fanatic [like myself]).

So there we are: starting to find a kit, I chose the , since that's, at my knowledge the only one available on this scale on the market. Purchased the BAF decal from DACO and I got this result about 1 month ago, but I didn't want to go to the Highlight before seeing the real one (and of course take some shot of them together).

About the plane, the BD09 started his career in March '71 and ended it on the 13 th Jan 1993. During his life time he spent in each squadron, 1st, 2nd, 8th and 42nd SQN. After retirement he was sent to France and then sold for auction. In 2018, he was back in Belgium thanks to the BD09 restoration group. I f you are passing by Belgium don't hesitate to visit their hangar, the team is formed with aircraft enthusiasms.

Regarding the kit, I suggest to visit the WIP:

The kit is really well detailed and enjoyable to mount. only problems I encountered was the decals (I used only 3) but were really thick and not sticking to the model.

Hope you enjoy and don't hesitate to give comment and of a Merry Xmas & Happy Modeling.

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  1. An amazing build, Yann @yann
    Besides the dimensions, your model is an exact copy of the original one.
    Since the location of the original BD09 is not so far from my hometown, I'm definitely going to visit there as well, soon.
    Merry Christmas

    • Many thanks John @johnb. Just hope you will enjoy as much as I did your visit to Sint Truiden. Please share your picture when you are bac from there. Anyway I need to go back there once the 3 models are done. I promise the team that this one will be standing in their vitrine.

  2. Very nice Work Yann.
    The Mirage 5 is of my generation . I saw them regularly, Flying along the beach when they made a stop at Koksijde air base. Always in pairs and the successor of the F-84 fighter bombers and recce aircraft. Both my favourite Jets.

    • Thanks a lot Bernard @bernardbedeur. This delta is a fantastic aircraft indeed. It's as well from my young generation, I was rooming around Bierset and Florennes with an armaments' technician. There I got the chance to see those beautiful aircraft in service and not only on display during airshow.

  3. An excellent build, Yann, a true copy of the original! A great build thread, too! You were so lucky to get into that cockpit, wish I were lucky like our friend @johnb, who lives not far away from that Mirage!

    • Thanks my friend @fiveten. It was a pleasure to have you in the WIP. Regarding our luck @johnb and myself, just want to say make it happen, and let us know it will be a pleasure to meet each other in real! Not so far from there, there is the Beauvechain museum, with former aircraft from the Belgian airforce. And if you stay longer Florennes air base is acessible to visit Spitfire Museum (and other aicrafts) under some restrictions, and the Royal Air Museum in Bruxelle is a must seen as well.

  4. Great work, Yann. I always thought the Belgian Mirages looked very sharp in that camo.

  5. Nice job, it looks great. I also love the scheme.

  6. Good idea to make the model of the one that we can approach and admire very close to home i Belgium !
    Beau travail Yann.

  7. Very nice Mirage - looks great in that scheme - well done!

  8. Thanks a lot Greg @gkittinger. And of course Happy 2022 and many happy modeling.

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