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S.Mk 2B
It is 1991,and the Buccaneer has been in operational service for nearly 30 years, but still had a vital part to play in the Gulf War. Initially it flew to support the Tornado force as a target designator, but also later dropped Laser Guided Bombs (LGB) in the brief campaign. Like many aircraft in this war, the aged Buccaneer was fighting its last campaign.

History XW533
This model depicts XW533. Handed over factory fresh to the RAF on the 26th of February, 1971. It served at the RAF Bases Laarbruch (Germany) and RAF Honington/Lossiemouth (UK). In January 1991, the aircraft was prepared for Operation "Granby", the British code name for the Allied participation in "Desert Storm". It was painted Desert "ARTF" (Alkali Removable Temporary Finish) and was coded "A" (See tail on model).

Operation Granby
On the 27th of January, it flew directly from RAF Lossiemouth, to Muharraq Air Base, Bahrain. Flight time: 8 hours 50 minutes. In-flight refueling was provided by RAF tanker-aircraft
The "Nose Art" was added during the campaign "Miss Jolly Roger/Fiona/Glenfarclas". By the end of the campaign, eleven mission symbols were displayed on the starboard side, below the cockpit.
On the 17th of March, 1991, it returned to RAF Lossiemouth, in the UK, on a direct flight (8 hours 30 minutes).
In September, 1992, it was scrapped - Elgin, Moray, Scotland.
Full history, even on the actual bombing missions can be found on the website from webmaster Andy White.
I constructed the airbrakes in "Full Brake" position. Interesting to mention, that these brakes could be deployed under all conditions during flight.

From the spares box, I constructed the typical laser guided bomb (LGB) MK13/18 from the British Royal Ordnance Factory. The bomb contains three parts: 1000LBS center section "Royal Ordnance" and the front/tail section from the Paveway II family. Morale from the ground crew was extremely high and this was reflected in the text on the bombs, so I also added some text.

Dust covers on intake and exhaust pipes were made from Evergreen. These were highly necessary during parking on the tarmac in Bahrain. The "Remove Before Flight" tags were constructed from "Evergreen" strips.

The Martin Baker Ejection seats are enhanced with Eduard seatbelts. Clearly visible the middle windscreen. This kept the navigator "out of the wind" during bail out procedures

XW533, is parked on the tarmac from the Muharraq Air base, in Bahrain. It is armed with the MK13/18 1000LBS laser guided bombs. The date is 24-02-1991, and the attack destination, after take off, will be the POL facilities (Petrol Oil Lubricants) of Tallil Airfield in Iraq.

Configuration during mission:
To complete this mission, the aircraft has the following underwing stores:
Starboard wing (right):

Outer wing pylon: Westinghouse AN/ALQ 101, Electronic Counter Measure Pod (ECM).
to provide powerful radar jamming capability over a broad band of frequencies.
Inner wing pylon (pic 5):
Slipper tank for extra endurance. Not always carried during missions in Iraq. (Fuel tank partly visible on pic 15).

Port wing (left):

Inner wing pylon:
Pave Spike AN/ANQ-23E. Daylight only laser-designator (pic 13).

Outer wing pylon:
The Royal Ordnance MK13/18 1000LBS Laser Guided Bomb with additional text.

Add On:
Air waves Wingfold set (AC-48-101)
Air Waves Break detail Set (AC48-072)
Eduard Interior Set (E48-132)
Xtra Decal Set (X025-48 / Excellent quality.)
Xtra colour paints (Several)
Evergreen Pastics (Several)
Verlinden (Text on LGB)

Resources: from webmaster Andy White.
Personal contact with Andy White
Personal contact with master modeler Ted Taylor
Gulf War Air Debrief from World Air Power / General Editor Stan Morse/ISBN 1 880588 00 5.

The company deserves a "thumbs up" for this model and their service department.
Dirk / Imodeler 310118

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26 responses

  1. Comprehensive history there, Dirk. It's great to get an aircraft's hi(story) and lineage. The build itself is wonderful and I'm not surprised she is a prizewinner. The extras are amazing and bring a lot to the party.

    Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

  2. Outstanding work, Dirk and a well-deserved recognition as well. I did one of these years ago (Matchbox, I think), but it was no where near as nice as this one. Very nice presentation, sir.

  3. Beautiful work! I have that same kit... what did you have to change to make it an RAF bird instead of Royal navy?

  4. Hello Ramon,Craig and David
    Thanks for the kind words.
    All the tools are in the box.
    Make use of the mentioned website.
    Hardest thing off all is putting the air frame together.
    It needs a lot of Tender Loving Care (TLC). Makes it more interesting.
    My next contribution will be her sister from the RN.
    Any more questions, just shoot.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. A wonderful project, Dirk. Congratulations!

  6. That's a real beauty Dirk, and congrats on the well-deserved trophy! I'm SOOO glad you posted this - when I finished up my Op Granby Jaguar, I decided to build my Buc soon while I had Op Granby paint mixed up, so I plan to start it as soon as I finish my Privateer, G.91 and Hurricane. Yours will be a great reference! I had toyed with opening up the airbrake (old Matchbox kit in 1/72, so I knew it would take some work), but after seeing the detail there, I'm thinking better of the idea! I don't want to do that much scratch building - especially after working so hard on the Privateer!

    Anyway - this is a great looking model.

  7. Superbly detailed interior, Dirk! You do outstanding work and I look forward to seeing your models!

  8. Amazing work my friend. The details you added to this one are simply top notch ... You well deserved the award. This one is a winner in my book ! Love it. Each time I look at it I notice something new... Great choice of decals and the graffiti on the ordnance is spot on !
    I also enjoyed the story about the actual plane and a color photo of a real Op Granby bird... Too bad she was scrapped out only a year and a half after deployment to the Gulf. We lost a bit of history there...

  9. I have two versions of this kit. FAA and RAF. I have heard some bad things about the fit of the kit but I don't know if they're totally deserved. I think it just depends if you get a good one or a warped one. I have one of each! The straight one looks like it will build nicely right away when taped together, but the warped one will definitely need some persuasion. How did yours go together? I think this is what Sue Parish would have flown if she flew a jet instead of a P-40! It looks great built up with the wings folded.

  10. Outstanding work Dirk, you've really added some great detail to this old war bird. The history of this A/C was interesting read as well,good work.

  11. A brilliant model, Dirk, I just love the wing fold look, I think it helps to show off all that extra work you’ve put in to make this a worthy prize winner.

  12. What a great build! Yes,Nice touch in showing off its naval roots by folding the wings. Always liked this bird, did the ancient airfix 1/72 years ago.

  13. Wow. I really enjoy the backstory of this plane. and a great build. As a newbie I'm wondering what "evergreen" material is?

  14. Very nice. I love the office and the wing-folds. That being said, the entire build is great. Great attention to detail.

  15. Good morning Modelers,
    Thanks for the kind responses.
    I did send Matt and Josh a separate private message, to answer their questions.
    Regards, Dirk.

  16. Considering there is a whole lot more than "some modeling skill required" to get a decent result from that kit, and that what we have here is a much-more-than-merely-decent model, congratulations on your peseverance and dedication - and skill.

  17. Congrats Dirk. This is one of the best Buccaneers I have seen modelled in a long time. You went the extra mile on a difficult kit. Well done she looks AMAZING!

  18. Hello Tom and Morne,
    Thanks for the kind words. Indeed, it was a challenge to get the air frames, that were partly warped together. As mentioned above, lots of TLC, brute force (heavy clamps) and lots of Evergreen strip to keep it all in place. In the end, it was worth it.I did build two at the same time. (RN and RAF)
    Regards, Dirk

  19. A worthy prize winner Dirk. Thumbs up

  20. Hello Yves,
    Thanks for your kind remark.
    You are a great friend.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  21. Hello,

    Great job and congratulations for your prize 🙂


  22. Impressive work, it is well worth a price !

  23. Hello Christian,
    Thanks for your kind comment.
    Regards, Dirk (Modelbouw Eeklo)

  24. Great work on this old Kit Dirk! Excellent result!

  25. Hello David,
    Thanks for your kind words.
    Regards, Dirk

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