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On This Day…February 13th

On Saturday February 13, 1943 flight of 12 F4Us from VMF-124 escorted Thirteenth Air Force B-24 bombers to Bougainville, the longest escort mission of the war in the Solomons at the time. This was the Corsair’s very first combat mission, thoug[...]

On This Day…February 1st

In one of the most iconic aircraft photos of WWII, this is the B-17 ‘All American III’ - photographed by Lieutenant Charles “Cliff” Cutforth, a crew member aboard the B-17 ‘Flying Flint Gun’ which was on the same mission to Tunisia, on 1st Feb[...]

On This Day…December 31st.

On December 31st, 1940, the HMS Hood was berthed at Scapa Flow, Orkney Islands, Scotland. United States Naval officer, Joseph Wellings, recorded the day in his diary... "Last day of 1940 – up at usual time 0745 – breakfast, a good mile and a qu[...]

On This Day…December 18th

Some lovely photos of early Mk IX Spitfires at dispersal (Biggin Hill) in the event of air raids. Taken 18th December, 1942. Typhoon Cobra hit Admiral Halsey’s Task Force 38 on December 18th, 1944 in the Philippine Sea resulting in the [...]

On This Day…November 28th.

On 28 November 1940, Wing Commander (he was the youngest flyer in the Luftwaffe to hold this rank) Helmut Wick of JG 2 went missing south off the coast of the Isle of Wight, South England. His body was never recovered and remains listed as mis[...]

Berezina 1812

The Battle of Berezina took place November 26-29, 1812, between the Grande Armée of Napoleon, retreating after his failed invasion of Russia, and the Russian armies under Mikhail Kutuzov, Peter Wittgenstein and Admiral Pavel Chichagov. The Fre[...]

Final reveal: The German Air Ministry in 1941 in 1:35

Some of you have followed on this project, depicting buzzing activity at the German Air Ministry in 1941: This was a longer project, initiated in the beginning of this year. It involved mapping the scratch-built facade of the building (Reichs[...]

From model to diorama: A day’s work at the German air ministry 1941

Some of you noticed the build report and first reveal of the German air ministry already. Because a model is a model and a diorama something different, I opted for adding vehicles and figures in order to bring the building to life. I opted [...]

Academy P-38M Nightmare…er, Night Lightning (or) the P-38M in Japan and Why It Matters to Me

Warning: This is a lengthier than usual post, so read on at your own peril. History of the Bird The P-38M captured my imagination some time ago, and I decided this point in my return to modeling was my chance to act. In fact, my digging ar[...]

Heller’s Gneisenau in 1:400

Hellers Gneisenau in 1:400 was my first build of a major ship, where I went out of my way to improve an old kit. The Gneisenau was also the first build, where I documented everything I did with a camera. At this time, around 2004, Heller was t[...]
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