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Aoshima model kits

Fairlady “Z”

The Nissan S30 Fairlady Z Aero Custom is a classic sports car known for its sleek design and aerodynamic features. With a distinctively curved body, it embodies a timeless combination of style and performance, making it a beloved choice [...]

A Little Cappuccino

My first completed non-military car model in more than 25 years! I present the Aoshima 1/24 Suzuki Cappuccino. I picked this up at a local Japanese market that has begun carrying models (almost all Aoshima car and motorcycle kits) and Mr. [...]

Yamaha Vmax 2004

Greetings to all forum members. Every now and then, among so many military models, a civilian model appears... This time I want to show you this Aoshima kit, in 1/12 scale. It is built straight out of the box. The fit of the parts is good, [...]


Aoshima 1/12 BIKE series No.86, BLACK LOW RIDER V-TWIN CUSTOM has been assembled. This kit was originally released by another manufacturer and reprinted about 10 years ago, but I recently obtained it and tried to assemble [...]

1/24 Aoshima '93 4Runner

Aoshima has long produced excellent curbside car kits that are superbly engineered and a heck of a lot of fun to build. I had to take a break from building nothing but airplanes over the last three years and this was the perfect remedy. I [...]

Honda CB 400 "Super Four", 1/12, from Aoshima

Greetings to all. It's been over 20 years since I've built a 1/12th scale motorbike kit. So, between military vehicles and some aeroplanes, I got a couple of kits from Aoshima: a Honda CB 400 "Super Four", and a Kawasaki [...]

Toyota Panda Truen ae86, Aoshima

Knight Rider KITT, 1/24 Aoshima.

knight rider KITT, 1/24 Aoshima modified from the first season to the second season, electronic led scanner, painted with tamiya lacquers, model master enamels and humbrol clear paints, modified suspension. 30 hours of work in 2 weeks ... [...]

1991 Suzuki Cappuccino

The Suzuki Cappuccino. Is a Kei car. Kei is a special class of cars sold in the Japanese market. In the 1990s Kei cars were limited to 660CC engines with maximum of 63 horsepower. In the bargain Kei cars enjoy lower registration and [...]

Aoshima 1/45 DD51 Japanese Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive.

Aoshima 1/45 DD51 Japanese Diesel-Hydraulic Locomotive In service 1962-1978. This kit was 3000 Parts including PE - detailed duplicate systems including dual engines, transmissions, and engineer stations. Added brass handles and railings. [...]