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Be I the One? The Soviet attempt at fighter rocketry.

October 24, 2021 · in Aviation · · 12 Comments

Many nations in the 30s and 40s courted the idea of a rocket-powered fighter or interceptor. The Bereznyak-Isayev BI program was the Soviet Union's attempt at a "short range fighter" powered by a rocket engine.

Like it's siblings, this program was fowled by issues with the inherent dangers of the rocket fuel and the advent of the jet engine making the idea inconsequential. A few accidents and the end of the war saw the program close without the type seeing service.

In an example of how hazardous the technology was, at one point the rocket engine exploded showering a technician in nitric acid. Quick-thinking mechanics dunked him head first into a tank of sodium carbonate solution to neutralize the acid. Their actions saved him from severe injury, with his face "yellow from the characteristic acid staining, but his glasses saved him from being blinded."

This is the Mikro-Mir kit. It's a gem of a model, which includes a little PE fret and masks. I added some details, such as wire tail bracing. This is one of those companies that falls under the radar but who makes wonderful, fun models of unusual subjects. They just released a 48 Junkers W.34 that i want to model as a Canadian bushplane.

Thanks for looking.

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12 responses

  1. This is one you don't normally see, Kyle (@kopperhed). Looks really cool. Well done.

  2. This is an exceptional build, Kyle @kopperhed
    Unusual aircraft of which I was not aware before.
    The cockpit is great and the seatbelts very detailed.

  3. Great work and very cool subject. You have to love a rocket powered plane with a wire braced tail!

  4. Good work on this rare bird Kyle! I am also looking forward for the Junkers, that is the first injection moulded W.34 in 1/48 in the market I believe. A plane that as so many options and flags to build.

  5. Definition of insanity...Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. OR volunteering to fly this thing or an Me-163 Komet.

  6. Well done, Kyle. This one definitely hits a 10 on the Cool-O-Meter.

  7. An exceptional build of a very rare, yet very important subject, Kyle!

  8. Great model of an unusual subject. I suppose the technology available at the time made rocket powered planes seem like a good idea, but you must have brave, or mad, to actually fly one of these machines.

  9. Nice work on a beauty of a kit. It looks great!

  10. Great work. Thanks for presenting an unusual subject.

  11. Very nice - never heard of this thing! Learn something new every day...

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