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Beechcraft King Air 350, A32-346, School of Air Warfare, 32 Sqn RAAF, East Sale Vic 2004.

1/72 RVHP, resin kit, started 02-2016 finished 12-2022, probably not the best or worst resin kit but I think the end result is worth the effort !

1/48 AMT/Round2 Staggerwing G17S

The Beechcraft model G17S was the last of the Staggerwing series and approximately 20 of these were built between 1946 -1948. Staggerwings are considered one of the world’s most beautiful vintage planes. A grand total of 781 of various [...]

Beechcraft G-17S StaggerwingAMT (Round 2) 1/48

After the last build of a Beechcraft Model 18, why not a Beechcraft G-17S Staggerwing? The Staggerwing is, of course, one of those aircraft that just screams "Golden Age of Aviation", especially when in the air (as I've chosen [...]

Beechcraft UC-45F ExpeditorRevell (ICM) 1/48

Good day iModelers, today I'd like to present a kit that I had time to put some finishing touches on just this morning. The kit is a Revell boxing of ICM's Beechcraft Model 18, and in particular a C-45 variant used by the USAF. The build [...]

Qu-22B Pave Eagle II, Minicraft 1/48 Beechcraft Bonanza /scratch.

The QU-22 was another civilian craft adapted by the military. Based on the Beechcraft Bonanza of which 27 being modified. It seemed that if it had wings they'd find a mission for it. Flown by 553/554 Recon. Wing Det. 1,Based at Nakhon RTAB [...]

Beechcraft JRB-4 US Navy, 1/72 Hobbycraft.

This is my take on a Navy transport version of the Beech 18. A simple kit from Hobbycraft, the last of my Dad's old stash. spare stars and bars, the rest home made decals.

Czech Models 1/48 T-34C Turbo Mentor

Thought I would post something a little different that you dont see posted very often. It is the limited-run Czech Models 1/48 T-34 Primary Navy Trainer. The Turbo-Prop version of the venerable Beechcraft T-34A and B models. The T-34C [...]