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On This Day…February 24th

These first three photos were taken in an English scrapyard, full of Luftwaffe wrecks, on February 24th, 1942. _______________ Valentine Mk III tank of ‘A’ Division (17/21st Lancers) which was captured during Operation Torch in November[...]

On This Day…February 14th

9th Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on 14th February, 1945. _______________ _______________ The traumatic evacuation of Singapore against the overwhelming might of the Japanese imperial Army in February[...]

On This Day…February 9th

‘Black Friday’ - February 9th, 1945. A disastrous attack on German Destroyer Z-33 in a Norwegian Fiord saw the loss of nine Beaufighters, one P-51 Mustang, fourteen aircrew KIA, and four aircrew taken PoW, losses made more painful by the neari[...]

On This Day January…31st

Continuing the 'series within a seriee...January 31, 1971 - in Quang Tri, an American soldier and his little puppy share a moment of sleep at the staging base before being airlifted to Khe Sanh. _______________ Pulitzer Prize winning journ[...]

On This Day…November 9th.

9th November 1942. Troops loading mines onto an Avro Lancaster as they prepare to lay them in the North Sea.. The installation of a gun in number 2 turret of battleship USS North Carolina (BB55), New York Navy Yard, Brooklyn, on the 9th Novem[...]

Brewster F2A Buffalo Tamiya 1/48 – Aicraft Model

Another beauty by PLASMO. The old (ancient?) Tamiya kit gets a proper treatment:

Brewster F2A-2 Buffalo (Tamiya 1/48)

Hi everybody! This is my latest build, and this one is something special. First of all, this is an iModeler build, started back in October 2015, and it took 2 years and 7+ months to be completed. And all I can say – thank you everybody, who foll[...]


Scale 1:72 Building time: 69hrs Here is my latest creation, once again what I love the most: a diorama. After some changes I called this one “Deathtrap” for obvious reason. It depicts a few Marines which have discovered an abandoned Nakajima [...]

Brewster F2A-3, “Buffalo”

Next, is the 1/48th scale Tamiya kit. This model represents the aircraft flown by Major Floyd B. "Red" Parks, C.O. of VMF-221. Major Parks led the young pilots of VMF-221 against the incoming Japanese strike force. The inital attack came as a[...]

1/48 Brewster F2A-2

Who doesn't like the Tamiya Buffalo? This is one I built a few years ago but somehow neglected to post. I built it straight from the box and finished it with Yellow Wings decals. The only other remarkable fact about it is that it is painted a[...]
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