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Italeri 1/12 Bugatti Type 35

I have always loved the look of this car, and was very pleased to see that a reasonably priced 1/12 kit was released this year (2023). I’m not good enough to tackle the MFH kit! To be honest, this does not look like a new release kit, [...]

The blue dream flies on! Bugatti 100P, a racing aircraft of the 1930s.

Many articles on aircraft models begin with the statement that the original of the presented model is particularly unique. As appropriate as this may be, the Bugatti 100P shown here opens up yet another category of uniqueness all its [...]

Planet Models 1/48 Bugatti 100P

I had a fascination for this aircraft ever since I heard the stories that Bugatti had attempted to build a plane aimed at taking on the world speed record for 1939/1940. This was a very radical design, using forward swept wings, a [...]