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Tamiya Chieftain Mk3

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  3. Tamiya Chieftain Mk3
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Tamiya Chieftain Mk3. Ok, the box says Mk5, but it’s not. The kit is really a Mk3 with a few Mk5 features. I’ve used the Eduard photo etch set, which does lift this Tamiya kit. Although old, the Tamiya kit should not be written totally off just yet! Correct the rear engine deck and it’s a fairly easy update to a Mk5. Castoff Resin did an update set, but I think they’ve bitten the dust now, which is a shame as some of their stuff was really nice… Of course the Takom mouldings are great, but already Voyager (and others) have developed “update” kits for them. The After Market manufacturers never cease to amaze me with what they can find to ‘improve’.

The scheme is for a BATUS (British Army Training Unit Suffield) Canada scheme.

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4 responses to Tamiya Chieftain Mk3

  1. nice job…the stretched gauze makes nice netting too

  2. Thanks for your compliments. Medical gauze is far cheaper and you can get more of it for your money…

  3. Hi Ian,
    I like the model of the Chiefy , mind you they where never that clean in BATUS when I was there . Tank are like little children they are covered in scratches and mud and during the dry season covered in dust .

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