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C-119C Flying Boxcar, 63rd TCS Kimpo Korea, 1952. Roden 1/144. Forgotten War build.

Having had this kit for awhile now, I originally wanted to do some sort of Flight of the Phoenix build, ala Jimmy Stewart, but he flew or crashed a C-82. It worked out well that the kit decals were of the Korean war. i was apprehensive about th[...]

History gets saved at the last minute

Was up at the LHS this afternoon reading "airplane porn mags" and found out that last year the second-oldest C-119 "flying boxcar" was up for sale as aluminum scrap, when the AF Museum discovered it was the second-oldest C-119 left in existence,[...]

Testor/Italeri AC-119K Stinger Gunship 1/72

I just finished this one in time for our club's contest April 18th. Built out of box except for flight crew, and some stretched sprue for the whip arial on the nose and some cabling on the illuminator. All decals were from the spares box as th[...]

Fairchild AC-119K Stinger

On the night of 8 May 1970 Capt. Alan Milacek's AC 119K Stinger is patrolling over a remote corner of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Far below a convoy of North Vietnamese trucks are slowly moving down a valley hugging the Laotion border on their way to[...]