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Little bit of Armor

Evening all,

I just bought a handy dandy new photo booth and have been putting it to good work finally getting my completed builds captured on film...well electrons, but you know what I mean. Anyway here is some armor that I've completed over the past couple of years.

- -I like how it turned out but it was a struggle getting there. Italeri operated under the thought process of why use one piece for a part when you could use three.
- Humvee-This was a fun one getting the chipping right.
-1/144 Dragon and II-I love these Dragon 1/144 kits. I travel and move around a lot and they are easy to toss in my luggage with an xacto knife and some sanding sticks to have something to do after work. This AS90 might be my favorite completion.

Thanks for looking.

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4 responses

  1. Extremely good work considering the "small-ish" scale. 🙂

  2. Outstanding work. I especially like the Leo 1.

    Your "handy dandy new photo booth" seems to be doing its' job, too. Great photos, Michael!

  3. Nice work on all!

  4. Might be an idea to change the page header image from a Leopard to a Challenger !

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