Arii / Otaki Fw-190 A8 1/48 (Dual Build)

A friend of mine gave me 2 of these kits because he was not going to build them, the fitting of the parts was ok, but the kit is poor on details.

I decided to start a cool project by building both kits at the same time, one Out of the Box, and the other with as much scratch building and kitbashing as I could, the wheel Well are full scratch with 2 Eduard pieces I had in my stash, I riveted the model, everything was painted (only decals were the swastikas and the arrows on the sides of the fuselage) the decal sheet was old and yellowed, but I liked one of the schemes with the blue stripes I front of the tail, it was a really fun project and I hope you like it too!

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  1. Excellent! I did much the same a while ago, and it's surprising how well the Otaki kits make up. Yours are on par with the latest Eduards releases, Bravo!

    • Thank you very much, Colin! this Arii kit out of the box has a good shape if you are not very picky, needs some work for the bottom part of the engine cowling, but overall it's a good kit. really recommend it to someone who wants to build a 190 with a low budget.

  2. Extremely good work, Rene. Really good weathering, too.
    All the best!

  3. Thank you, Spiros! a lot of effort was put in those models.

  4. I have a couple of Otaki Hellcats that keep calling me from the garage. As old as they are, Otaki kits still build into a fine model.

  5. Very cool project, René! We can see very well how hard jobs make the difference.

  6. Considering the kit is close to 50 years old, it stands up remarkably well.

    Nice work on these.

  7. No one would tell from a first look that you present the old Otaki kits. Great skill in bringing these to match more modern standards in the market. The work with the wheel pit is remarkable, well done!

  8. A great pair of Fw's

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