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F-15DJ Eagle in JASDF Serivce

I stumbled across this and thought how Kazari had to suit up and then walk around the Eagle was pretty cool and informative. And in the background get to see an F-2B and one of the F-2 prototypes. Subtitles are a bit iffy. But enjoy. (link)

Hasegawa 1/72 F-15C

This was a pretty straightforward build after the last F-15DJ franken-build. Added resin sparrows and the sidewinders were from a Hasegawa weapons set. Did a bit of overspray with thinned paint to lighten some areas and knock down the [...]

McDonnel Douglas F-15C Eagle

After being away from modeling for over 40 years, I decided to pick my childhood passion back up again during COVID. My wife really encouraged me, so I jumped back in with a Tamiya 1/48 F-15C (one of my all-time favorite jets - she's [...]

Cursed F-15C Build

This build was cursed. That is all. Problems were mostly caused by my own clumsiness, not the GWH kit, which in terms of fit and surface detail is fantastic. Dropped the model, breaking a stabiliser and meaning I had to redo the first [...]

Academy F-15C Eagle.

Hi friends, here's my latest work, an F-15 C Eagle from Academy. I opted for the Alaska National Air Guard version. The kit had good quality, with good fittings, almost no use of puty for corrections. I chosed the black polyester base [...]

Big 1/48 Israeli F-15i from GWH kit

Hi all, This one was my first try at an F-15 and my first GWH kit - I can heartily recommend both 🙂 The kit comes with a LOT of plastic and is quite intimidating but the fit is fantastic and I personally love the eyecatching Israeli [...]

Work in Progress: Update 4—1/48 Vintage Tamiya F-15A Eagle

Ok this is my 4th and final update for this build until a final reveal. Here is a link to Update 3: (link) Still plugging along slowly but surely. Most of the work still continues on the final finish paintwork with application of decals. [...]

New Project Update #3: 1/48 Tamiya F-15A Eagle

Here are the links to the 1st and 2nd Updates for this build: (link) (link) Well just completed a lot of masking today on the F-15 project. This was done in order to paint the metal finish on the top/bottom rear fuselage near the jet [...]

New Project Update: 1/48 Vintage F-15A Eagle

This is a follow up to the following Article: (link) I have completed painting the 2-tone Compass Grey Camo using HATAKA "Ultimate USAF F-15 Paint Set". The basic 2-colors used from this set are the Light Ghost Grey and the Dark [...]

New Project: Vintage Tamiya 1/48 F-15A

This kit is old! Maybe I should say "Vintage". I remember this being on the shelves as a young model maker and not being able to afford this F-15 because it was a Tamiya...The Good Stuff! BUT, unfortunately these days it is [...]