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Atlas 'Big Foot' 1/32 scale die-cast Excavator Weathering

This excavator was given to me as payment for weathering the farm die-cast models I posted not too long ago. I kept the weathering at a minimum on this 1/32 scale die-cast model. This will later go on a diorama specially built for it, [...]

The M972F with a ‘burnt out’ excavator

This is a heavy modification of the M915 kit from Trumpeter. As always I decided to spice things up a bit as usual. I wanted to do something different. So, I kit-bashed the trailer and tractor that came in the kit, to bring forth this [...]

‘Renovation in Progress’ Diorama

Added the figures and details to the diorama. Unfortunately the figures did not turn out as nice as I would have it. The figures are from Fugimi racing set and they are not the best. The facial feature was a hassle to get right with pretty [...]

‘Renovation in Progress’ Diorama Part 2

Another Toy mod update for this diorama, I am still working on. I finally added the boom to the diorama.So far I am liking the whole scene. Did quite a lot of modifications and some scratch building to get it to look descent enough for [...]

‘Renovation in Progress’ – Module 1

Here is where I am with this 'toy conversion' diorama project so far. The results speak for themselves. It is not complete yet. Still have to add more details to the excavator, add the boom arm, and other details as well as more [...]