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‘Renovation in Progress’ Diorama Part 2

May 5, 2019 · in Diorama · · 18 · 1.6K

Another Toy mod update for this diorama, I am still working on. I finally added the boom to the diorama.So far I am liking the whole scene. Did quite a lot of modifications and some scratch building to get it to look descent enough for display.
I painted and modified the engine with some scratch built parts as well. I also added an old truck axle from my previous vignette to this scene. I thought it would add interest, instead of a stand-alone vignette, as it was before.

Added the first hydraulic to the front of the vehicle. It was also detailed with some scratch built parts. I added some hanging cables from the side of the cab to make it look like they are working the internal cables and hydraulics of the machine. Just some added interest.

Started on the first figure for the diorama. Not my best attribute but its a start to making the diorama look lively. Hope you like the progress so far.

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  1. Another masterpiece, Charles. These slices of real life are displaying your intimate knowledge of the equipment as well as the PLACES your dioramas re-create.

    Bravo !

  2. Again, Superb!

  3. Something different and with a great job, the atmosphere is excellent

  4. Amazing stuff again mate. I admire your eye for detail!

  5. You've got the realism down to science, looks great!

  6. Having actually worked on heavy equipment and trucks as a mechanic, I must say this looks very realistic. From the way the oil / sludge looks inside the gear case of the rear end with the axles exposed, to the color of the disc brake rotors ! The hydraulic cylinders and associated hoses, subtle grease stains and wear marks... Absolutely spot on, even the engine compartment photo. I have used large blocks of solid wood as cribbing to support heavy things, just as you have depicted here.

    Now tell us that you actually took a picture at a shop and posted it as a model ? No just kidding with you, it's fantastic. Even the wooden pallet looks very authentic. It looks as if it has been sitting outside exposed to the elements for a little while.

    Each time I go back and look at this I notice something new...

    You my friend have some serious talent... Well done !


  7. Very nice Charles. Your attention to detail is amazing. So much to look at. Like Louis said, every time I look I see something else. Yep, very, very nice.

  8. wow! I'm smelling the grease...

  9. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    Impressive work and detailing Charles.

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