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1/72 Hasegawa F-4E Phantom II / Kurnass 2000

Started back in late Feb or early Mar (who can remember that long ago now...), this was the second of 2 Phantoms I started simultaneously (along with the EJ Kai already posted). The kit was typical late-version, with lots of interchangeable parts in the box to accommodate whatever version was intended, meaning there were some janky seams and parts fit issues.

Pretty much out of the box except for the armament, and the riveting work I did. I used Rafael AGM-142A Popeye missiles and an AN/ASW-55 data link pod from the Skunkworks weapons set, and sawed off the end of the Popeyes and used a large diameter clear sprue to add the clear heads. I scratch built the forward sparrow bay sidewinder launcher, used only for AIM-9 missiles, and an AIM-9 from a Hasegawa Weapons set. I did swap out the wing tank for the separate pylon and wing tank from an older kit (probably an Italeri kit), because I needed the other matching pylon to mount the data link pod. The kit wing tanks are molded to the pylons. The refueling probe was a white metal that Hasegawa provided in the box. (I had to order a resin probe for the later IDF RF-4E I'll build).

Painted with Akan paint set for late IDF camo scheme. This was my second time with Akan paints, and although they sprayed pretty well, I had some issues with the paint not looking the same shade when I had to come back and touch up a few areas. I've never had that problem with Tamiya or GS paints, but then again, I have not been using an airbrush very long. Vallejo Metal Colors for the metal work. Decals came from Cutting Edge (really nice, and enough left over for the gray RF-4E I'll do soon...), and stencils from two different stencil sets. References were a bit mixed on how many stencils ended up visible on the Kurnass 2000, so I went for most but not all of those available.

Weathered with oil filter washes and oil dot filtering, AK weathering pencils, pastel chalk powders, and Tamiya Weathering sets. Panel line wash was The Detailer water-based wash.

12 additional images. Click to enlarge.

33 responses

  1. Very nice Greg, love the camo!

  2. Sterling stuff Sir.


  3. Phantom looks phantastic in those colours

  4. Nice job. The Israeli camo scheme is one of the more interesting Phantom schemes.

  5. Really nice, Greg. I like this a lot. Excellent work!

  6. Ditto,to all of the above. The "paint" is faded or lightened enough to represent a/c in a desert environment. Two thumbs up Greg.

  7. Phine Phour Greg. Has all the quality stamps of a @gkittinger build!

  8. That is stunning, Greg. Can’t believe it’s 1/72. I’ve never seen that Sidewinder set up in the Sparrow well before. Very nice.

  9. Great work Greg. I'm in process of making IDF RF-4E in 1/48 scale (Italeri kit). Now when I see this piece of work I'm thinking of trashing mine away XD.

  10. I've used this before , Phabulous Phantom, Greg! The IDF certainly got their moneys worth out of the F-4. I've started on my Hasa. B bird, It's the first modular Hasa that I've done. While it may be sparse with the lack of things under the wings, It makes up for build options, including three different styled fin caps, and two different nose infra red sensors.@gkittinger

  11. I don't know how you guys do 1/72 scale so well. My eyes are too old lol. Great work!

  12. Awesome stuff as always, brother.

  13. Greg, not into jets at all , but this is one sharp looking Phantom!

  14. Greg, this is beautiful F4!
    Painting, weathering, photos... excellent!

  15. Superb finish on your Phantom II/Kurnass, Greg. The tones of the IDF camo look perfect for a slightly weathered look. It is really nice to see a buttoned up in-flight F-4 for a change. It shows off the beautiful, aggressive lines of the F-4e perfectly. You have clearly achieved something really amazing in 1/72. With a photo-shopped background, it would be hard not to believe it was the real thing (the first pic really shows this). Overall great photography that really captures the fine work you did on this model. I will be adding the downloaded pics to my folder of best IDF models ever.

  16. Yeah, that’s pretty cool. Nice work.

  17. That's a phantastic Phantom, Greg. Beautiful paintwork and weathering!
    Fools the scale for sure!

  18. 🙂 ... Greetings ... 🙂 :
    Spectacular work on this model Greg.
    That camouflage work and all the decal work really make this model a show stopper.
    Very nice work.

  19. A wonderfully executed, very impressive model: really outstanding!

  20. Not more left to add but plain “phabulous” model! Hard to believe it’s in 1/72. Greg you really are a Phantom Master

  21. Great looking build Greg, and great choice of armaments! This F-4 looks well armed even without the typical Phantom teeth.

  22. One of the best looking builds i have seen in this scale and just looks fantastic in those markings ?

  23. Great work...another Phabulous Phantom...

  24. Stunning camouflage! Excellent photography as well. Absolutely Phabulous!

  25. This is awesome work, Greg (@gkittinger). It is really hard to believe this is a 1/72 kit, the detail and paint work make it look like a 1/48 kit. It started flying in the Air Force in the early 70s when this plane was literally everywhere, and I still have a soft spot for the Phantom (especially the C model).

  26. Very well done, Greg! attention to details is perfect ? a pleasure to view!
    Rgds from Tel-aviv ?

  27. Hi Greg,
    I am (very) impressed with your latest construction number. This flying F-4 shows its might in every way possible. Also thanks for your lengthy text.
    Regards, Dirk
    The Netherlands.

  28. Sharpe looking Phantom Greg. Nicely done.

  29. Very nice Phantom, Greg! The camo and everything is spot on!

  30. Wow, it this really 1/72 Greg?
    Camo and weathering is fantastic.
    Even the close-ups show how perfect this build is.

  31. Greg, Oh yes, this looks really nice, great scheme and a wonderful looking finish !

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