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First car model in about 50 years…

Many moons ago I put away my paint & glue, trading 'em in for girls, weed and a Rickenbacker bass. Fast forward several decades- Traded the former in for a wife, single malt scotch and (plastic) ;) models. Been doing planes, an occasional [...]

Ferrari F430 Challenge

Fujimi 24th scale kit with modified front end. Splitter and dive planes made from plastic card and Miliput. Eduard etch belts. Thanks for looking, Rob.

Ferrari 458. Revell 1/24th Scale.

Well, I said I would build a wheely thing and here she is. Done in Yellow, to make a change. Any errors are mine, and I have seen them. I did a WIP , so you can look there for hidden parts. Well One kit down, 4 to go before starting anything new.

Gheto ferrari

another diecast that was sitting in the closet getting bored graffiti are from internet and printed on decal paper writing meaning (which are real and painted somewhere): up green = they always catch me while i write on the wa.. left red = F**[...]

Hasegawa 1/20 1976 Ferrari 312T2

My first car model in nearly 40 years. I had been waiting for decals for my Trumpeter Wimpy Mk.1c, and happened to see this at my LHS, which was sadly going out of business. It still has wings, however. I have a new-found respect for car guys,[...]
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