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Hasegawa 1/48 Saab J-35FS Draken in Finnish service

Finnish Air Force Draken (DK-271) Fighter Squadron 21 (HävLLv 21). Few pictures of Hasegawa Draken kit, build in year 2021. Drakens are in use during years 1976-2000 in Finland. All Finnish Drakens are interceptors without air-to-ground [...]

Airfix 1/72 Hawker Hurricane Mk.I. in Finnish Air Force markings.

This is an old kit released by Airfix in 1972, it can be made as a Mk.I or a Mk.II. For this build I chose to build it as a Mk.I. I added some details for the cockpit, scratch built the wheel well, replaced the propeller with a resin De [...]

Revell 1/72 DC-3 Finnish Air Force

I assembled a little old plastic model made by Revell. I used a brush to paint Mr. Color silver and Mr. Metal Color aluminum.As a finishing touch after applying the decals, I applied a brush coat of Tamiya acrylic clear. When I took the [...]

Off the SoD – Special Hobby Brewster B-239 “Taivaan Helmi”

How a company that produced buggies during the 19th Century and was virtually moribund before it was bought, resuscitated, and turned into a manufacturer of naval aircraft managed with its first design - the B-239 - to come in ahead of [...]

The Saab Safir by Hellera flying gemstone in gentlemen's scale

The meaning of the type designation "Safir" should appear to me in the course of this project more and more suitable for this small model. Translated from Swedish it means "sapphire", so I learned to appreciate the [...]

Eduard 1/48 Bf-109G-2

The Bf-109G in Finnish Service: During the Winter War of 1939-40, Finland obtained 24 Brewster B-239 fighters, which were the first completely-modern fighters to equip the air force. These were U.S. Navy F2A-1s, and became the first-line [...]

Last Hawk 75: Finnish “Sussu” – 1/32 SH kit

The Special Hobby 1/32 Finnish Hawk 75. Known to the Finns as the "Sussu," this was done as the airplane flown by Kyosti Karhila, the top-scoring Finnish Hawk 75 ace (13.5 victories). Right after I finished it I discovered this [...]